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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kids: Church Notes

Now that my oldest is able to find passages in the Bible, write, and spell on his own, I want to start changing what I have him do in church. So I made up this simple notes sheet for him to fill out, hoping to work towards more active listening instead of entertaining.  Write the passage reference the pastor is reading from for the day. Pick a favorite verse from there to copy. Write your own notes. And listen for keywords (this is mostly a bank of common words to help with spelling) Mom chooses for the day. It's not necessarily just the tally-mark game, but it could be.  It's just a half-sheet of paper, prints 2 per page, plus there's the blank back-side for more writing, or drawing. Simple but hopefully effective! He didn't want to do it last week, but this week I might it more of an assignment, something I want him to show me back home for us to talk about. And it's something I want to (and did last week) fill out for myself too!

And here is a sheet of the New Testament books of the Bible. Just print on cardstock and cut apart. Then select a few or select all of them and have child arrange them in order. Gaining confidence in the   order will help children be able to find Bible passages. You can do the same with Old Testament but we aren't there yet! =)

1 comment:

bp said...

Good ideas, thanks for sharing! And for the printouts.

Another idea...I wrote the books of the Bible on popscicle sticks and put them in separate bags for OT/NT.