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Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Meanderings - Oct. 8

Bible Study... finishing up a word study on heart.  It's been really good! After a week of consistent morning time, I honestly do feel so much more at peace.
Memory Verse... Hebrews 12:14
"Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord."

Husband Encouragement...
♥ Choose HIM.  I often choose about anything else besides him.  Walking, 31 parties, girls night, dinner with someone, MOPS events, Bible study.  Sometimes I try hard to plan these things for when he's already going to be working, but sometimes they're things that require him for childcare, and sometimes they're things that are pre-scheduled.  Kevin is VERY supportive (He likes his time to veg too), but I just need to be more guarded of my time and what I'm choosing to participate in.  We may be fine with how we've been doing things, but maybe we're getting TOO comfortable in it.  Want us to still choose each other.  
♥ Hot breakfasts and pie. Pretty sure that's one of his love languages.  =)

Train Them Up...
* Family dinner clean-up routine. 
* Working to help Carter with independence with the potty.  Because he sits on the big potty and can't get up there on his own, I'm instructing him to push the stool over and get there himself so if I happen to be unavailable he can still get to the potty without an accident.  He's doing really well, just need to continue to be consistent!
* Reading time with Hannah in the afternoon.
* Game time or something with Eli after school.  Today we are going to have a roll-the-dice candy corn snack when he gets home.  
* Still working on our Fall ABC book.

Personal Goals...
* Schedule a hair appointment.
* Figure out new workout routine??  We were doing soo good with our walking and had even bumped up to 5 miles but with the weather changing, I just don't know if we can continue.  On Friday Carter was just so cold he was crying and we carried him the rest of the walk!

New Habit of the Month...  {october}
>> morning routine.  This sooo sets the tone for our whole day, I really need to get it set in stone.  And it starts with my quiet time at 5:45am, getting lunch packed at 6:45am, breakfast at 7am, out to bus at 7:35am. Then between 7:45 and 8:30 we have plenty of time to get most of our daily chores done. THEN we can go on with the rest of the day pretty relaxed with things in order.

MUST Do... 
* MOPS tomorrow! Just a few last-minute things to get ready
* Delivering a meal to someone Thursday

Zone(s)... changing over some of Carter's and Hannah's clothes for the season

Menu - 

M - grilled cheese
T - shrimp fajitas
W - ground beef gravy over potatoes, baked apples
Th - creamy chicken and wild rice soup
F - zuppa tuscana soup
S -  TBD
Su - leftovers

* MOPS meeting tomorrow! Followed by lunch for a friend's birthday
* Parent-teacher conferences for Eli Thursday/no school -- should plan something fun for the morning.  
* Outage schedule at the plant starts this week so things will be slowing down for our family as Kevin will be so busy with work for the next month

3 things I'm thankful for today...
1. fall trees.  Every time I drive I can't get over how beautiful the scenery is!
2. quality time with the kids.  Those good-mom moments feel wonderful! LOVE spending time with them!
3.  morning quiet time with the Lord. life is good.

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