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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Family Focus Friday: TV Time

TV season is coming up. In less than 2 weeks most shows start back up, and I'm actually quite excited. Kevin and I have certain shows we watch together, and I enjoy that time "together"; however, watching TV still doesn't count as quality time in my book, as much as I do enjoy those shows.

I'm greatly influenced and inspired by Elizabeth George and in her book A Mom After God's Own Heart, she challenges us to analyze our TV time: How much are you watching? How much could you use that time to grow in your knowledge of God, to put better things into your heart and mind, to pray for your family to follow God? And so... this year before the season even starts, I've been thinking about the shows we usually watch and the new shows that I was considering: Heroes (Mondays), House (Tuesdays), Private Practice (Wednesday), Smallville and Grey's Anatomy (Thursdays). When I realized that this covers almost every night of the week, I decided I needed to pick three nights and cut the rest. Three nights, just because it covers the all-time favorite shows Kevin and I watch together and eliminates the shows I just sort-of like.

I always like to say, "You don't miss what you don't know about." If I don't get even myself started on a show, then I don't even miss it. It's the same as how you don't get addicted to tobacco if you don't even try it. Yeah, TV is that powerful. It really can invade your life in more ways that we recognize. So for this year the final decision is: Heroes, House (or maybe switch out for Grey's), and Smallville.

And when it comes to TV watching for Eli... well, he doesn't usually watch regular TV shows, just his baby videos that are 20 minutes long and we didn't start that until he turned a year old. We try to limit it to one video every couple days, and when he does watch them, we usually sit with him and interact with him throughout. I say this now but I never want the TV to be a babysitter--for me to pop in a video and walk away to do my own thing for an hour. So that's my goal to start now.

What rules do you have for you and your family when it comes to TV time? And how do you use the time otherwise (free play, reading, Bible study, family time, etc)??


paul said...

Good for you! Studies show that children who watch television when they are young are more likely to have attention problems as they age. And I think you're right, too, that pretty much anything you might think of doing instead of watching television is going to be healthier and more fruitful in your life than sitting in front of the idiot box. :)

crystal said...

I am not going to link as I dont have time to post today. We dont have TV (cable or satelite) we have movies and stuff but the other is just way too expensive and too time consuming...when we were living with my inlaws while trying to buy a house, she watched General Hospital everyday and it got to where if I missed it I had to watch the recorded tape so I could catch up....this was taking time away from my daughters.. we do watch kid movies and they watch a couple hours aday but they also get lots of play time...


According to HIS Power said...

I didn't link because I didn't get around to it until I thought it was to late!

We don't have cable or sattelite, either. We just watch movies and the tv is on for a couple of hours a day at our house,too. Balanced with lots of playtime and outside time! The reason we don't have cable is because it is something that we felt we could do without when we were reevaluating our budget several years ago (we haven't had it in about 9 years) We do just fine watching movies occasionally. It's not for everyone but it works for us and it helps us control what comes into our home. I'm not trying to sound preachy at all. It's fine for some but we just choose not to have it! This is a good thing to post on though and to evaluate your priorities on. You are doing a great job with this meme!

Love and Prayers,

In Light of the Truth... said...

We talked about dropping our cable TV to help the budget, but since it's only $10/month we decided to keep it for now. We hardly ever watch daytime TV so at this point it doesn't affect Eli. I love hearing what other people do, though, because as our children get older, we'll be changing things!