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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

This has been a great week full of big blessings!!

1. Best friends. I had a really good phone conversation with a friend last weekend. During this time I realized a lot of things, decided on some changes, and am now excited for what God can do through this!

2. Momma's day out. Last Saturday morning two other mama friends and I went out for breakfast and a little shopping. It was soooo good to get out together, to be able chat about mom stuff without any other distractions, and just enjoy some relaxing time.

3. Surprises. Almost two years ago when we found out we were having a boy (Eli), our friends Michael and Jennifer sent us several boxes of clothes their son had already outgrown. I went through it all , or so I thought, and now what was left was mostly just toddler stuff. BUT as I was tidying up Eli's closet two nights ago and digging through those boxes I realized that one of them I must not have ever gone through because there were various sizes in there, not just toddler stuff! In that box I found LOTS of 18 months clothes that Eli can wear now, AND I realized that several of the 2T and even 3T shirts will probably fit him. So just when I thought he didn't have many clothes for this coming fall season, down showered the blessing of this "hidden box" FULL of stuff!!! He's all set!

4. Sales. Yesterday I ordered some pictures to be sent to my in-laws (since they don't have a computer to keep up with Eli) and I found a coupon code online for free shipping, cutting the price almost in half since it was just a few pictures! AND Walgreens had a sale where I could get our ink cartridge refilled for FREE!

5. Renting. Last week I mentioned that our dishwasher was going down hill but I was still thankful for it anyway. Since then it really went bazook and started leaking all over the floor. The repair man came yesterday and we were really hoping he'd say it just needed replaced, and sure enough, we get a new dishwasher, and since we're renting it's FREE! We picked one out today and it'll be delivered tomorrow. Yay!!

6. Hubby. He's working long days for a couple months doing a job he's really not enjoying. But he doesn't complain and is still wonderfully involved when he gets home.

God has really been taking care of us all along, and this week it was in big ways! For more thankful posts, visit Iris at Sting My Heart. Have a great week!


Denise said...

Such a great thankful list, thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

How cool about the clothes. What a wonderful blessing from God.
Aren't our men a gift from God?
I am reminded when my hubby comes in at the end of the day how thankful I am that he is willing to work so hard for us.

Mindy said...

I always LOVE hand me downs!!!!
What a wonderful list of thankfuls!
In HIM -

Mary said...

Awesome list of blessings upon blessings! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

Angie said...

Sarah! Love the fact that you get a NEW dishwasher!!! Yipee!!!
Hand-me-downs are the BEST! My girls were raised on them, they know the value, and they never toss anything out (clothes wise), since they both have boys, it has been an extra blessing!!!
So when will we KNOW what this little one is???? I am dying here!
You are so precious to me!
I hate that I haven't been able to blog this week (except for sharing my great news on Saturday--about Tiffany accepting the Lord!!!) I will do better next week! This has been another killer week at the law office. Bills are out though, so hopefully things will slow down. :)
Love you girlie!

Vicki said...

Blessings on your sweet family. Rejoicing with you this Thankful Thursday!

Tarrah said...

What a great list! It is such a blessing to find clothes that were handed down and that can actually fit your child now. I love those days :)

According to HIS Power said...

I am so glad to hear that you had such a blessed week! Hand me downs ARE a great blessing, I haven't had to buy a thing, clothes wise, for Lily! Hope you continue to have a great week!

Love and Prayers,

Crystal said...

Wow I love unexpected blessings like that! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Priscilla said...

Amen to the new dishwasher and hand-me-downs!

Robin said...

Surprise blessings always make me feel so happy and blessed. I'm glad you have had a wonderful week.
Blessings on you!

Melody said...

I totally agree with your entire thankful list. I have a wonderful hand-me-down circle with my sister-in-laws which just saves us so much money. The Walgreen's sale was wonderful. Unfortunately I have an Epson printer and wasn't able to use it so I made sure I passed the word to people who could.

Lynn said...

I love visiting here. Wonderful thankful list. I especially liked the last one. Blessings, Lynn