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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Prayers for the Sick

We're now only 4 days from my due date and everyone at our house is stricken with sickness this week. Monday both Eli and Kevin had a yucky tummy bug. Tuesday and Wednesday Kevin's been much better but Eli's had some nasty, runny poops. God gave me the strength to get through those rough first days when I was cleaning up vomit and poop, but now today I'm feel pretty yucky with nausea, and Kevin's still not up to par. So... pray that we are well again SOON! I'm not worried though. I trust that Baby will not come until God knows we're ready and healthy. And even if we're not, He'll give us the strength for labor and the infant will be protected by mommy's antibodies. But still, pray we're all better soon! We're getting anxious to meet Baby Girl!


Servant Becca said...

You are in thoughts and prayers! May God heal each of you quickly!

Kasandra said...

I'm thinking about all of you...hope you feel well quickly, so you can enjoy Baby Girl's arrival!

~Java Mama~ said...

You are prayed for...hope that you all will be feeling better soon.

JOYfully in Him,

According to HIS Power said...

Sarah, I hope everyone is better! We are praying for you. I just got to leave a comment even though I read this yesterday! My computer is acting up and I am getting an error message so I hope this goes through! Praying that all goes well and baby girl arrives safe and sound and SOON!!!! :o)

Love, Julie

MomsTheWord said...

While blog surfing for some Christian mom's site, I've run onto yours. I'll be praying for a safe and wonderful delivery for you. Your blog is an encouragement and a testimony of your faith. I'm a mom of 4, enjoy your second...it only gets better!!


According to HIS Power said...

Hi Sarah! Congrats on baby Hannah! Love the name and can't wait to see pictures and hear that amazing birth story!!! In your living room?! WOW!!!! So happy for you guys, what a Valentine's Day, huh?!

~Love and Prayers,


Sharon said...

And, did I read the previous reply correctly?! Did you have your baby?!
Oh!! Congrats!!! Had you planned a home birth?!
Wow. I am so happy for you. :)
Can't wait to hear it all!
God Bless!