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Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Meanderings

Bible Study - Mission of Motherhood (thanks, Julie!)

Memory Verse - Proverbs 31:27
"She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness."

Husband Encouragement
* try really hard and use time very wisely to keep a clean home
* clean up our bedroom now that I've moved Carter out and into the guest room
* have patience with kids
* go to bed at the same time
* date Friday night!!! in the city!! (thanks to Paul and Holly)

Train Them Up
* I've been laying Carter down for naps and he does very well going to sleep on his own for at least one of the naps during the day. He doesn't always sleep long (usually barely an hour) but he does go to sleep, that's a start! Also trying to sit up feeding up in the night so I can lay him back in his bed instead of staying in bed with me. Still working on moving his bedtime to 9 instead of 10pm. (It's a little hard to do because after putting the older two in bed around 8pm, we're just finally starting to be done with that and relax and then 9pm comes and I don't feel like waking Carter up just yet to get him ready for bed.)
* Eli's doing a GREAT job asking for things in just a normal voice without any whine to it whatsoever! Before we'd tell him ask for something nicely, and he'd say "Can you help me please?" but there was still this whine to it, but not really enough you could correct him for it. I dunno. Anyway, the last couple weeks I've been telling him, "Can you say it in just a normal voice like this?" And he DOES!! That's a big deal for Eli, and he knows it makes me so excited so he gets excited too!
* Printing the kids a picture grocery list for today's shopping. It's been a long time since we've done this!
* School time, letter G, but I'm having trouble coming up with a theme to do. Any ideas??

Personal Goals
* Hang up new pictures in our bedroom.
* Hang up the kids' new clocks. Now for batteries...
* READ in my books! (I'm sooo bad at finding time to read but I love all the great things I learn when I do!!)

* Pay bills.
* Mail package. DONE
* Finish Beth Moore make-up lessons. DONE
* Return Nannie's bowl.
* Get an oil change in the van. We're 1000 miles past due. May schedule this for Saturday?? They were booked for Saturday so we'll have to do it another time.
* Mow the lawn. At least get it started since Kevin doesn't get home 'til 7pm. Even with kids not napping well at all, I still got it all done!

Zone - Laundry away.

Menu Plan

M- roast with veggies, homemade bread
T - grilled cheese variation, salad, fruit
W - chow mein, oranges
Th - French dip sandwiches, fries, cooked carrots
F - Omaha date night!
S - Omaha with Kevin's fam!
Su - TBD

* MOPS play date and potluck at the park on Tuesday
* Friday date night in Omaha plus we get to see Paul and Holly in the process and hang out with them part of Saturday
* Meeting Kevin's family while in Omaha on Saturday!

3 Things I'm Thankful for Today:
1. I got up and showered before the kids were up this morning.
2. Going to have a movie with this kids this afternoon. (I ordered Ice Castles from Netflix, and since Kevin is NOT interested in this one LOL and it's PG the kids can watch it with me while Kevin's still at work.)
3. We took a break from the dining room project Saturday afternoon and just got away for some family time. It was much needed!

Join me! Blessings on your week!


Jules said...

You're welcome! Hope you love it as much as I do...I have learned so much! Your menu sounds really good this week. I love french dip sandwiches! Have fun on your date night..how wonderful!

Have a great week, sweetie!

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