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Friday, April 2, 2010

Preschool Craft: Easter Cross

I saw this idea in a catalog and figured we could do basically the same thing at home with what we already have. Finally gave me an activity to use some of the pretty tissue paper from Carter's baby shower. Only had to get some fresh pink from my pack of new tissue paper.

Draw a cross shape on paper. Cover it in glue. Then wad up tissue paper and stick it to the glue.

Eli did very well with it. And Hannah didn't do so bad either considering I was just letting her do her thing instead of instructing her. I noticed she picked up on Eli wadding the paper and starting to do some like that too. Very good! Don't they look nice! I'm excited to hang this up on the kids' art wall in the play room! It's about time I actually got them framed and hung up!

Eli'sMine. I did one too to resist the urge to insist the kids do their perfectly. I'm kind of like that. But this way they could watch me if they wanted. And it gave me something to do so I didn't overcorrect them, and instead just give them freedom to create.


Anonymous said...

Thank you...I just found the cross and love it. Hoping my pre-
school Sunday School students like it too. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi..loved the Cross Activity..did it with my four and a half year old son Seth....Thanks So much for sharing..Blessings..Sherree