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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Preschool Devotions

I've already posted how much I love THESE BOOKS. They answer so many great questions children might have about God, Jesus, Heaven, Angels, etc. I have all of them in the series, I think, and just love them. And the pictures are absolutely adorable, as they're drawn by the same illustrator as the Care Bears! Anyway, last week I ordered the devotional for preschoolers. We've just done the last four days and I'm loving it! Click on that last link to see what it's like inside: it has a short devotion, Bible verse, and a short rhyming prayer. And then after we've read those I try to come up with a little activity that applies to the lesson. April 11th was about telling the truth so I explained what a lie is and then said some things (ie: We went to church this morning. Or There's a cow in the living room.) and had Eli tell me if I was telling the truth or a lie. Then he said some things and I answered whether it was the truth of a lie. Then we talked about lying vs pretending and that some things are okay even if it's not true because we're just playing. April 12th was about thanking God, so we went around and each person (except Carter and Hannah) shared 5 things we're thankful for. April 13th was about angels. We read this right before bed, and I couldn't think of a quick activity or discussion thing to do with it, so we didn't. Today's devotions was about our mansion in Heaven that Jesus has prepared for us. So I'm having the kids "draw" a mansion. So yeah, loving this new book, and if you're looking for something like this I would definitely check it out!

Eli's drawing of a mansion. Big house with windows, a door, and trees on either side. 4/14/10


Carrie said...

My daughter has a book (*Is God Always with Me?*) by that same illustrator, and you're right! The pictures are adorable!! I especially love the little Asian girl because she looks like my Sadie! ;)

Another great book series for little ones is *Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers* - we love them here! Oh, and I think *Leading Little Ones to God* is a true classic - not to be missed! ;)


Mary said...

Well if it's illustrated by the same artist as Care Bears... I'm there! hehe
I've heard of this one and want it! I think I shall buy it.

In Light of the Truth... said...

Carrie - I think we have the *Is God Always With Me* one too! But haven't heard of the other two before, so thanks for that!

alisha said...

We read the same devotional every night! Isaiah got it for Christmas and we've done it each day. I love it too!

Mary said...

Just an update for ya... I bought that book! Just ordered it online along with "Bring Up Girls" by Dr.Dobson. I have Bringing up Boys and can't wait to read this new book!!! Great great great info!

In Light of the Truth... said...

Mary, What did you think of Bringing Up Boys? I take it you liked it since you got the girls one too. I've had that book sitting on my shelf for forever now, and it just looks so intimidating--small font, long paragraphs. Is it good?? Motivate me here! LOL

raegates said...

I don't even have a son! LOL But, I am reading it and it has a lot of insight spiritually, practically, and physiologically!! Dobson is so easygoing and funny and it is helpful-even with understanding and having grace for my husband!! Helps you learn how much society has put extremely unfair demands on men the last 40 years-almost feminizing them, explaining in detail things you should know and are soooo helpful. I have to reiterate that it IS funny. I laughed out loud! --Nanny for 12 years, daycare operator, aunt of 8 girls and one nephew,sister of two brothers,a and mother of a 3 year old girl!