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Thursday, May 6, 2010

THE Surprise of the day!!

{For my new readers, we have three farm cats. They don't have names and they stay in our outside shed at night}. So after dinner I went out to feed the cats and SURPRISE, SURPRISE! The calico cat was sitting near the window feeding three tiny, mouse-sized kittens!! Kevin had suspected about a week ago that she was pregnant, but I had NO IDEA that she would be delivering anytime like NOW!!! When Kevin and I were in Kansas City weekend getaway, we saw a Discovery show {or something} about cats delivering their babies {why we watched THAT on our weekend away I don't really KNOW! LOL probably because we were at a hotel with TV and the show was fascinating} Anyway... because of the show I learned that it was a really short gestation period {that is what it's called for them right??} So I'm NOT the animal person around here. It takes all my strength just to pick up one of the cats, and if one of them ever gets in the house, I pretty much freak out. So when I saw the cat had kittens and Kevin is working tonight, I FREAKED OUT!! I dropped the bags of cat food and came rushing inside, slamming the door shut, yelling at the kids to be quiet so I could talk on the phone. I called my parents - no answer, I called my vet-tech friend Katie - no answer, and then I called my SIL cat-owner and she directed me on what to do. I knew that the whole birth thing was done--it's a natural process, no cords to cut or anything {saw that from the show. the kittens just poop right out! sorry if TMI} but I do know, especially being outside cats {and NO I am NOT bringing them in all by myself!!!!} they need protected from our night visitors. So anyway, I shut our other two farm cats out of the shed, left them food and water though, and left the mommy and her three little kittens alone all safe and warm in the shed with plenty of water, food, and warmth.

Eli was so cute about it, once I managed to regain some sanity. He said "I'm superman! I'm going to save the day! I'm not going to be upset about the cats!" Because CLEARLY he saw how frazzled I was!! LOL Love that boy!


Samantha said...

They look adorable!

crystal said...

lol! They are cute kittens though. I just love baby animals....we are waiting to see if our cat is pregnant or not. So cute of Eli! lol.