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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Answer Me This: Laundry

What's the best way you get stains out of your laundry??

1. Baby poop.
2. Spaghetti sauce.

For baby poop blowouts I usually soak the clothes in a bucket of Oxyclean for a few days hours and then include them with the regular laundry. But lately that hasn't exactly been working as great. Probably because I've been forgetting about them soaking them too long, the clothes come out a little nappy. or something. Or the stain is still not out completely. Probably because I let them sit for way too long before doing anything with them in the first place! But still, there's gotta be something that works.

For spaghetti sauce I usually throw it in with the regular clothes and just hope it will actually come out clean, but it never usually does.

So help me! What are your tricks?? I always feel disgusted when another perfectly good outfit gets "ruined" because of stains! But I don't exactly have time to manually treat every piece of clothing that gets anything on it! Is there a magic potion I could use??


S Club Mama said...

I use Shout or whatever spray stuff we have on hand. I'm super bad about getting stains out. With my kids, I just figure they're kids. They can live with stains. A lot of Isaac's clothes are stained because Tristan was spitty.

jaesi said...

Stains and kids clothes are just a given in this house. I should try more...but the stains are winning the battle over here.

I love the bleach pens and tide to go pens though...along with oxy clean.

~Amanda said...

I use oxyclean for the baby poop too - soak in hot water over night. I have never done spaghetti (apparently I prefer the orange stain over a sparkling clean shirt...), but I've done chocolate, and that's a stubborn one. I use dish soap, but it has to be clear or white, otherwise it leaves a new color. Dish soap, soak, scrub, wash.

Anonymous said...

I've found that Ajax dish soap works on everything I've tried. I just rub a little on the stain and try to wash it as soon as I can. I think I've even just thrown it to the side and put the dish soap on it when I get a load of laundry to do and it still works. Someone I know said it will take out grease and everything. I use the yellow kind.

Angie said...

Baby poop--the only thing I found to work is color safe bleach. I either rub it on directly (and leave for 5-30 minutes) or soak it in a bucket of water/bleach following directions on cap. It usually works, though sometimes I will have to do it a couple of times to get it all the way out, even alternating methods.

Spaghetti sauce--I use an amway product called LOC. It works immediately. It does not work on baby poop, however. One magic potion is for fruit stains (blueberry, cherry, etc. so maybe tomato sauce too...) is to pour very hot (not quite boiling) water over the stain. It lifts the stain right out. Weird, I know. But it is AWESOME!

In Light of the Truth... said...

awesome! thanks, you guys!!

Anonymous said...

My 3 week old granddaughter pooped on my white shorts lastnight. I first sprayed the shorts with Shout and laundered in warm water. This morning the shorts still had a yellow tint to them. While the shorts were still damp, I squirted Dawn Dish Soap on them and laundered again. I am hopeful that the shorts will be good as new with this second laundering. I read on Raising Olives that Dawn is good at getting greasy stains out of clothing. I've been using it for that purpose and I must agree...Dawn works. From my experience, Dawn probably works just as well as Shout.