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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Monday Meanderings - July 19

Hey guys! I won't be meandering this week. It's crazy busy for us this week! Eli's 4th birthday today--party with our local friends tonight, family party on Saturday. Kevin's sister and her husband are coming on Wednesday. And in the midst of all that we're still pushing hard to get the bathroom "done" {at least usable} before next weekend. The drywall is done, we've primed and painted 2 coats. The contractor is spraying the ceiling and plumbing and then Kevin will do the lights and start the tile process so we can set the toilet and sink. Life is pretty insane right now. But we just gotta push through a little bit more and then we can relax a little.

Feel free to link up anyway with your plans, so if I have time I can pop by your blog! Have a great week!

~ Sarah ~

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