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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Monday Meanderings - July 26

Whew, I am SO RELIEVED to have made it through last week! With hosting two birthday parties, cramming to get the bathroom "done", all the while having guests (who were actually a big help!), it was a tiring week for us, and I'm so glad we can finally relax a little bit with the house projects. I've been posting a lot of pictures over at our family blog, so go check 'em out! It's another somewhat busy week again but mostly fun stuff! =)

Bible Study - Our church women are starting a new one right now. I actually completely forgot to go to the first meeting last week, but when I think back I guess we had a friend and their little boy at our house helping with our bathroom tiling. So anyway, we're reading Living Like You Belong to God

Memory Verse Hebrews 4:16
"Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need."

Husband Encouragement
* no house projects this week, just relax
* plan a DATE for Saturday afternoon! =)

Train Them Up
* do a memory verse, it's been a long time!
* remember to do their daily devotion--don't know why I've been forgetting so much lately!
* figure out a plan for Eli's afternoon "quiet time". rules and whatnot
* After 3 terrible nights in a row of them continuously coming out of the rooms at bedtime, they've lost their TV privilege this week. we've never done that before so I need to remember to stick to my guns on it.

Personal Goals
* make a dessert for a friend I borrowed a pan from
* go to Bible Study Wednesday

New Habit of the Month - JULY!
* completely clean off the couches every evening >> need to get back to this. We've been so stressed and EXHAUSTED lately I haven't cared about anything one bit. but now it's time to get back into routine.
* June habit: Clorox-wipe down bathroom counter nightly

* thank-you notes!!

Zone - master bedroom

Menu - EASY week! we sooo need to relax. I'm exhausted and feel like I could sleep for a WEEK!

M - fair food
T - something quick since we're walking in the fair parade again that night
W - steaks, baked potato, salad (maybe having neighbors over??)
Th - Holly's chicken and corn casserole, fruit
Su - TBD

* our county fair is Monday and Tuesday. walking in the parade both days but probably just DOING the fair rides n such on Monday since Kevin has the day off then.
* maybe have neighbors over Wednesday
* a date on Saturday!!

3 things I'm thankful for today:
1. we can FINALLY take a little break on the house projects. nothing's DONE but done enough!
2. my amazing, handyman husband!! he's been working so hard on ALL his time off and he's done a GREAT job especially considering this was his first time drywalling, doing electrical and everything!
3. medicine!! I've had crippling eczema on my hands for more than months now and it hurt to do EVERYTHING. It stung to put my hands in water to wash them, it stung to use baby wipes, I had to tell my kids not to hold my hand, my hands were so peely and scratchy it made it hard to put on makeup, and putting lotion on felt like the death of me it stung so bad. Every day for more than 2 months. But when I was at Carter's 6-month checkup I asked the doctor as a side-note if I could PLEASE get some medicine for my eczema and she gave me a prescription that has worked WONDERS in just a few days!! I can actually make my fingers straight again and do things without wincing in pain, it's amazing, and I'm SO THANKFUL!

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Holly said...

The linky thing isn't working! It said my blog address is not a valid url (which is not correct).
So, here's my link: http://pdb.homelinux.net/~holly/2010/07/monday-meanderings/

S Club Mama said...

So glad your medicine works. How awful it must have been to not hold hands with your babes! Can't wait to see you tonight!

The Fischer Family said...

Sounds like a good week! I'm sorry to hear about your eczema. We have been struggling with that here too for months. Jonah had a really bad flair up on his leg that got infected. We've been fighting with it since February. I finally got him in with a dermatologist on Tuesday who got him on some new medicine and it seems to already be helping :) I hope yours keeps working!