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Friday, July 16, 2010

A happy mom is when...

in the same week...

... your baby (6 mo) starts sleeping through the night! It's been 2 nights in a row so I kinda think it might be the real thing!

... your 2yr old decides to start potty training herself! Several times throughout the day she just takes off her diaper or pull-up, goes upstairs to the big potty, gets herself up there all by herself with no stool or anything, pees at least a little trickle, wipes herself, flushes and everything all on her own!

... your oldest child completes AND PASSES his first class of swim lessons, even when I really thought he might he have to retake the class!

AND last week my grandparents gifted me with a pottery-made sugar bowl with a slot lid! They had no idea I've been looking for one of those for 2 years now!

This momma is happy! What's made you happy lately??

1 comment:

S Club Mama said...

she's potty training herself? so.jealous.

Isaac did start walking and saying mama this week so I can't complain (much) but if Tristan started to potty train himself, I'd be over the moon!