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Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Meanderings - July 25

Eli's birthday week is over, and I'm relieved the schedule, though still busy, is a little more relaxed this week. One good friend is returning after having been gone for two weeks and another friend is moving the end of the week {sad}. So for separate reasons and at separate times, I'll be trying to help both of them out this week.

Bible Study... Ugh, I just don't really know anymore...

Memory Verse... Romans 12:11
"Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord."

Husband Encouragement...
♥ Plan a mini-date for sometime this week, Wednesday or Thursday.
♥ Pay attention to what laundry he may need done.
♥ Fresh towels.
♥ Get him some food for when I'm gone next weekend.

Train Them Up...
* I'm doing a few "knights & castles" things with Eli this week.
* Been having Carter put his shoes away on the shelf and sippy cup in fridge (though he's been doing that one for awhile now).
* Making a "stay-in-your-bed" chart for Eli and Hannah. I'm tired of them getting up multiple nights a week.  IF they stay in their beds for 30 days, THEN they can have a sleepover in the same room.

Personal Goals...
* Run 1x this week??  That SHOULD be my goal but looking at the week, the weather, and the schedule, I just don't know...

New Habit of the Month...  {JULY} work on establishing new nap routine for Eli

MUST Do...
* Eli thank-you notes
* Get all party stuff put away
* Mail in Eli's Kindergarten registration --we finally got his last checkup done! The paperwork is ready, but I just noticed in some other info papers that there is a registration day in August.

* Pick up a copy of Eli's shot record from Dr? Found our shot record book!

* Do Eli's 5 yr and Family pics
* Prepare a meal for my friend Nikki.
* Pack my stuff for this weekend.
* Pack the kids' stuff for this weekend.

Zone(s)... post-party, getting things back in place

Menu - TBD

M  - Mediterranean pasta
T - chili dogs {meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and homemade applesauce for Nikki}
W - taco wraps
Th - grilled shrimp
F -Ohio
S -Ohio
Su - Ohio

* Except for an OT day on Monday, Kevin's off this week!
* Carter has his 18-month checkup on Wednesday.
* A mini-date with Kevin maybe Thursday, if I can arrange something??
* Friday I'm headed off BY MYSELF to visit my friend Lisa in Ohio for the weekend while the kids go to Grandma and Grandpa's and Kevin works nights.

3 things I'm thankful for today...
1. Sweet corn.
2. One-on-one time lately with my eldest.
3. Some great days with my Mr.!

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The Cutes and Scoots Show said...

Sounds like you are in the same position I am with post birthday week craziness and finally a light at the end of the party tunnel! :) I get the double summer bday whammy in July while you have it in Jan/Feb! :)

So my question. What are Hannah and Eli getting out of bed for? How long after having gone to bed? How many times a night? I'm always very curious when people mention this as childhood happenings since not sure why, but Colby has only ever gotten out of his bed to pee (and then gone right back sometimes if we notice we'll tuck him back in and other times we'll realize what he's done and he's gone back to bed by himself.) OR if he's gotten sick and genuinely needed our help. Even when he's gasping for air and hacking up a lung with an asthma attack at 2am, he'll even still stay in bed and wait for us to come to him. Are they hearing the other and wondering what's going on? Doesn't this disturb Carter? Where's he sleeping at this point? Just curious so perhaps I could ponder and add 2 cents that could help ease your frustrations. We're all just moms and in the same boat looking for help from those who may not have the same things going on. My issue at this point is Parker is potty trained EXCEPT for the car. He cannot seem to hold it in the car for any amount of time. So I'm surely looking for help and tidbits with that -- I'm outa ideas. (The 5 pt harness just seems to get the best of him! ha.)