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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

30 goals

 2 years ago I wrote a list of 30 goals I wanted to complete before I turned 30.  Wellll, this coming Saturday I turn 30!  Here are the things I did get done...

* Alllllmost returned to pre-babies weight.
* Made a First-year baby book for each of the children.
* Got family photos taken.
* Hung curtains all throughout the house (except for dining room yet).
* Cleaned out all our old baby items and other "to go" items.
* Ran 3 miles without stopping.
* Started singing on worship team at church.
* Played French horn for church special music.
* Updated my "mother ring" to include all 3 children.
* Took a picture of sun rays breaking through clouds.
* Volunteered to help at local library.
* Got a full-length mirror for my bedroom.
* Explored nearby state parks.
* Went tent camping as a family.
* Learned how to grill.
* Got in the habit of getting up before kids.
* Have been serious clothes shopping with girlfriends.
* Bought a pair of cute shoes.
* Started but didn't finish my Europe scrapbook.

I got just over half of my list done!  Things I still want to do sometime but not before Saturday...

* Go white-water rafting.
* Tube down a river.
* Read through entire Bible.
* Go for a bike ride.
* Finish wedding scrapbook.
* Get a bedroom lock.
* Invite the neighbors over for dinner.

Things I no longer care about...

* Plant a flower garden.  I have NO green thumb, and I'm kinda okay with that.
* Register to receive local newspaper.
* Commit to 30 Day Shred. Not a big fan of Jillian.
* Surprise a mom friend with a dinner. Just not sure about this one because I know a lot of moms start their dinners earlier in the day, and I'd hate to mess that up.

I can't believe how fast these 2 years went!  But I'm decently satisfied with what got done.  Not sure what's in store next and that's okay. Just gonna enjoy the ride...  Here's to the next decade!


Kathy said...

woohoo you did awesome! as far as surprising a mom with dinner you could just make it something that is easy to freeze in case she's already got something going for the day. =)

Holly said...

If you want company doing the white-water rafting or tubing, just let us know! WE LOVE THAT STUFF! :)

In Light of the Truth... said...

Kathy - that's a great idea! I'm not very good at freezer meals, but that would totally work!! Thanks!

Holly - yup, definitely don't want to float down a river by myself! ;) I know Iowa has tubing but the rafting hasn't happened on vacations yet bc the kids are still so little.

Be Strong in the Lord said...

I am amazed at how well you did and very happy for you and the sense of accomplishment I hear in your writing. Very good. Happy Birthday! The best decade is still to come. Thirites are the best. (I did not believe a friend who told me that, but looking back... I agree with her.)