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Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 Before 30

I saw on someone else's blog (was it you??) a list of 30 goals to complete before she turned 30.  And since I AM approaching the big 3-0 in TWO years, I thought it was a fun idea (easier than 101 goals in 1001 days) and figured I better get started already!  So here's the list, in no particular order...

1. Lose 15-20 lbs so I'm back to pre-babies weight. (I'm almost there, about 3 lbs to go)
2. Go white-water rafting.
3. Tube down a river.
4. Make a 1-year baby book for each of the children. (YAY!!!!)
5. Get photos taken as a family.  I have several friends who have started GREAT photography businesses! Completed Fall/11
6. Scrapbook my Europe trip I took in college.  Nothing fancy, just want to get the pictures and memoirs out of the shoebox they're currently in! (this is STARTED!)
7. Get curtains hung throughout the house (dining room, downstairs bath, upstairs bath, master bedroom, guest room)
8. Read through entire Bible.
9. Go for a bike ride.
10. Clean out old baby items and other "to go" items we no longer use.  Completed 6/12
11. Run 3 miles without stopping. (my previous goal was 1 mile and I made it 2 instead.  So now I'm shooting for 3) Completed 4/23/11!!!

12. Start singing on worship team at church. Do this regularly now in 2012
13. Play French horn for church special music. Also do this regularly in 2012
14. Plant a flower garden.
15. Update my "mother ring" to include Carter's birth stone instead of mine. 3/13
16. Take a picture of sun rays breaking through clouds.
17. Register to receive a local newspaper.
18. Volunteer to help at local library. (it's NEVER open because it's only volunteer-run! or something like that. Would love to help it BE something more, and if it means bringing my kids along, so be it!) I did and it doesn't seem to need help!
19. Finish wedding scrapbook.
20. Get a full-length mirror for our bedroom.  I never know WHAT I actually look like from head to toe! Completed 6/12/11
21. Commit to 30 Days of The Shred.
22. Explore the nearby state parks. Completed Summer 2012
23. Go tent camping as a family. Completed August 2011
24. Get a bedroom lock. (I feel so embarrassed to say that publicly.  But seriously, having little kids changes everything.)
25. Learn how to grill. Completed 5/11

26. Surprise a mom friend with a meal delivered to them, just because, not because of a new baby.
27. Invite our neighbors over to dinner.
28. Get in the habit of getting up before the kids.  School definitely did that for me!
29. Go serious clothes shopping with a girlfriend. 6/12
30. Buy a cute pair of shoes.

I'll link to this post on the sidebar and you can check back occasionally to see how I'm doing with my completions!


Kathy said...

#24 -- I'm laughing out loud only b/c we STILL need a bedroom lock and trust me when I say it gets harder when your kids get a little older b/c now they stay up later and/or just come down the hall to my room whenever they want! hahaha

Holly said...

Any baby/kid stuff (especially Hannah's) that you want to give away, feel free to pass to us!! :D That was a bit selfish on my part but I wanted to extend the invitation anyway :)

In Light of the Truth... said...

Haha, OF COURSE I will, Holly! But we have other stuff too, like a crib bumper and a baby bath and a rocking chair cover that are kind of big to just sit around. Time to clean out!

S Club Mama said...

awesome idea, Sarah! I'd be down for some serious clothing shopping with you!

Jessica said...

I found your list while working on my own. You may already have a plan, but if if not, I suggest the Chronological One Year Bible to cross that one off your list!


It will make that one even more enjoyable!