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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Big Boy

UPDATED: The video should work now...

We got Eli's new bed and mattress Thursday afternoon and let him play on the mattress in the living room for awhile. He had a blast, like it was a trampoline!
Don't worry, once his bed was put together he didn't try to do this...

Eli loved playing with the styrofoam packaging. It would crumble apart and then he'd throw it in the air, saying, "Snow!... Snow!...Snow!"

About this point, maybe earlier, he knew right away it was a bed and started saying, "Nap? Nap?" with excitement.

All put together, complete with the quilt mommy made!

New room look.

Listening to the rules.

Loving the new bed!

He slept well during the night. The only problem so far was that he fell out of it this morning at 5:55am. Kevin went in and snuggled him in his little bed, but since it was getting bright out already he never really went back to sleep. So we haven't yet dealt with him getting out of his bed. But so far, so good! He's a big boy now! In a month or so we'll move his little sissy into his room with him, but for now we'll just enjoy this step into boyhood!


Servant Becca said...

What a blessing -- a bed and a big-boy to put in it. =)

AmyD said...

What a big boy! Glad it worked out for you. We used a light timer to help Emily stay in bed until a certain time. But as with most things, it just takes time. He looks SO cute in that bed!

BellaMama said...

Sweet pics!!
Want to let you know that I probably won't be blogging for a long time(#1 reason is that I don't have the computer time anymore).
Everything is going well & there are just big changes happening.
Will be praying for you and yours and will let you know when I'm back.
Many blessings sis!

Kelly said...

He looks so excited!! I know that you are proud.

Anonymous said...

I've lurked for a while and wanted to comment on this post. We have the same bed in white. It was really cute for the price. One warning: the wood is soft, soft enough for my 2 year old to bite a chunk out of it! She only did it once, but now we have a lovely impression of her mouth on the top of the foot board.

crystal said...

So adorable! Such a big boy. My girls always fell out of their toddler bed...they just cant seem to stay at the head of it where they wont fall out at this age. We ended up putting a big quilt folded up on the floor so that if they fell, they fell on something soft. I would fold it up every morning and put it on the end of the bed and at naps and night, we would put it on the floor. They didnt wake up as bad falling on the quilt as they did on the floor.

I love the quilt you made for him also!


The Fischer Family said...

How funny! My daughter has the same bed! My husband wants to know if you all could possibly be related- your son looks like his baby pictures! Odd!

Julie said...

This is precious, Sarah! Claire still falls out of her bed, we use my sister's (Crystal) idea of putting the quilt on the floor. Works good at keeping them asleep. We are working on a new room for the girls and putting Claire in a twin bed with side rails instead. I think a lot of it is that she just doesn't have enough room because she sleeps all over the bed! Anyway, love the pictures, Eli is getting so big! :o)