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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mommy's little helper

After I read Amy's post last week about chores for children and teaching responsibility, I've been trying to get back to having Eli help with housework right alongside me. From blog hopping I got to this great link that lists age-appropriate chores. Some things we had been doing with Eli, but now we've added a few more. So here's the master list of things Eli does around the house:

1. Dishwasher.
how Eli helps: He unloads dishes and hands them to me to put away. (of course, I take sharp knives and other dangers out first) The silverware, however, he puts away himself. I put him up on a chair and he sorts them into the silverware tray in the drawer. It's just like shape sorting which he's awesome at so he does well with this too!
2. Wipe dinner table.
how Eli helps: I spray, he wipes. He loves the tiny bubbles in the Windex. (in the picture he's helping with my spring cleaning)3. Laundry.
how Eli helps: He takes the clothes out of the dryer and puts them into the laundry bag.
4. Vacuum.
how Eli helps: He helps pick up everything off the carpet first.
5. Dust.
how Eli helps: I give him the duster and he wipes over the areas I tell him to.6. Swiffer.
how Eli helps: He doesn't really. But when I'm done I let him push it around.7. Sweep.
how Eli helps: Again, he doesn't really. But when I'm done he pretend sweeps with the broom and dust pan.8. Set table.
how Eli helps: I'm daring, I know. But he carries plates, silverware, napkins, and hot pads to the table.
9. Trash.
how Eli helps: He throws away dirty diapers and small papers.
10. Pick-up.
how Eli helps: In general, he always puts away books and toys when he's done. He (sometimes) takes his sippy cup to the kitchen when it's empty. And he puts his clothes in the hamper after he changes.

Yesterday I put together a chore chart for 5 everyday chores Eli can help do: dishwasher, laundry, vacuum, wipe table, sweep. Since he can't read yet (obviously), I use pictures instead. And since he's into stickers now, he puts a sticker on the chart any time he does one of the tasks. It definitely helps me keep on top of things!

I just have to say, Eli enjoys doing most of these things and being mommy's little helper. And now he's especially loving the stickers that help us keep track of what we've already done. I'm not a slave driver. A lot of the day he still gets to just be a kid and play. But he's not even 2 yet and he's establishing some great habits already!


Kelly said...

That is such a great idea. I love that he is such a great helper. Keep up the good work Eli!! I hope I can do this when Addie gets bigger.

Holly said...

That's AWESOME!!! Maybe he'll grow up to be a clean man... :) Great system Sarah, it's inspiring!!

~Java Mama~ said...

Wow that is awesome, he is so cute! Mommy's little helper. Great job being such an encouragement for him to begin already making good habits. My Eli has taken on an awesome habit that I am so excited about, he makes his bed every morning before he comes out of his room... it is so nice for me. Thanks for the encouragement this evening.

JOYfully in Him,

The Fischer Family said...

Sarah- This is so awesome! I've been wanting to start something like this with my daughter (she's 3) and was not really sure how to go about it! You have given me the inspiration! Good luck and thanks for sharing!

Cutes, Scoots and Colbmeister said...

Makes so much sense. You're teaching him about "life" and respect for the things you have, in addition to spending that much more time with him than if you had done it all alone.

Colby luckily LOVES to help with the laundry. He really likes to help pull the clothes out of the wash and put them into the dryer. When they are dry though I fold and he unfolds! ha Guess it's a start! :)

You're such an awesome mother! Thanks for sharing.

Nichole said...

I love the chore chart! And the photos are adorable.

Sarah said...

Wow, Sarah! I must bow down in the presense of Super-Mom! Eli seems like such a great helper, and super cute, too!