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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Ah, here we are again, sitting in the quiet of the morning with my cup of coffee while the family is still sleeping. And I am thankful...

It's been a whirlwind of a week. Just a week since Eli's febrile seizure. I still look at him at times and picture what happened and feel scared. But at least a week later I'm finally able to sleep through the night without constantly watching him on the video monitor. He can nap really long naps (3.5 hours!) without me panicking whether he's still breathing. And I'm not giving him Motrin every day just because I'm afraid he might get a fever. We're getting back to life and out of the "there's just been an incident" paranoia. Since the night we brought him home from the hospital he's been just fine. He never really continued to be sick, except for the effects of the meds (nasty poops that almost always leaked into his pants). So I am very thankful for his quick recovery and the peace that God's put in our hearts regarding the whole situation!

It's been a super busy, quite stressful week for me. One reason being about a bridesmaid dress that I realized just before ordering that it's really not going to work for me (it's strapless and I'm a large-chested nursing mom who needs to wear regular bras with supportive straps). So as the matron-of-honor not wanting to cause last minute stress to the bride I decided (with permission from bride) to go dress shopping on my own to find something that would work for me. For a September wedding NOW is the time to order, so I didn't have much time! And with two kids at home and husband with a busy work schedule right now, I really didn't know how this was going to happen. But a lovely and dear friend emailed me last week saying her husband was out of town and would love to get together with me. Perfect timing! So I invited her on my shopping adventure since I really needed someone to help watch Hannah while I tried on dresses. We had a great day together, but after seeing what was available locally, I decided to just try for this dress I had found on the Internet. It's a great price and I'm confident that with the help of a seamstress to measure me, we could order the right size and it would fit me nicely. I know it seems like it's no a big deal, but things like this don't "just happen". I truly believe it's the hand of God working these situations as He cares for His children.

I'm also thankful for my good friend Amy. She lives just 3 minutes from me and quite often I have to call her at the last minute to watch Eli so I can go to appointments that come up. Her 3-yr-old daughter Emily and Eli play so nicely together, and I so appreciate her having an open home to us! Thanks, Amy!

I am thankful that Hannah's throw-ups are getting less frequent, though I still don't know the cause and get frustrated when it does happen. She's also sleeping until 5:30am now instead of 3:30am, so I don't think it'll be long 'til she makes it all the way through the night! Yay! I'm sooo glad she has much better sleep habits than Eli had as a baby!

I am thankful that spring is almost here! Still quite cold (40s) but it's getting there, and Eli is always asking to go outside. The sunshine is definitely refreshing, and we're excited to get back to strolling again!

I am thankful that week by week I'm getting life back in order and more settled with Hannah's addition to the family. This week I'm trying to get the laundry back on schedule and working to get up before the kids again. It's tough but every week gets a little easier!

And with that I am out of time, so I will close. Have a great week! For more thankful posts, visit Iris at Sting My Heart!


AmyD said...

I LOVE the dress you picked out. It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

See please here

Angie said...

Wow! Things have definitely NOT been boring! You are a busy mommy!!

Denise said...

I keep your precious family in my prayers.

crystal said...

I'm glad things are going better and I just read about Eli, I am glad he is doing better. I will keep praying that he does well. I loved the dress you picked out!! Beautiful!


Holly said...

That is quite a beautiful dress (and cheap!!) that you picked out! I love it and I'm sure you'll look absolutely gorgeous in it. Have a blessed day Sarah! It's been so nice talking with you recently, thanks for everything!

BP said...

The dress you picked is lovely. I'm glad Eli is doing okay.

Melanie said...

I'm so glad Eli is better this week -- I'm sure that is a load off your mind. Also glad Hannah is sleeping longer... isn't it oh, so wonderful when that starts happening? Also, the dress is beautiful.

Thanks for sharing with us this week!

Darlene said...

Glad you are getting rest. Thanks for sharing with us!
Happy TT!

The Fischer Family said...

Hi Sarah! You do have a lot to be thankful for this week! Thanks for sharing. could Hannah's spitting up be linked to acid reflux? I don't remember how often you say she does it but both of mine had acid reflux and it caused a lot of spitting up, even hours after they had eaten! Might be something to look at with your doc! Have a great weekend!

Julie said...

Glad things are going so much better and Eli is feeling back to normal! LOVE the dress, gorgeous! I know what you mean, I can NEVER find anything to fit up top, lol.

I'll try to be by more frequently, just been super busy lately. :o)