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Monday, April 14, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday: Lime Press

I realized the other day when making Hubby a key lime pie that I actually have a tip to share this week: to squeeze the juice of key limes I use a garlic press! And just because I never have anything to share like this, I'll add a ton of pictures....

cut the key limes in half
place sideways in garlic press
...and squeeze!
here are the squashed limes
and here is the juice
Once I have all the juice I need (1/2 c), I pour it back through the press to catch any pulp or seeds that might have been pushed through.
the collection

Now all the juice is done and ready for the rest of the ingredients!

Go to Shannon's for more great tips!


Holly said...

That's hilarious, step-by-step with photo instructions!! I'm going to have to try that Key Lime Pie recipe for sure! THanks for sharing Sarah!

Adena said...

That's an awesome tip. I live in Florida and Key Lime Pie recipes are a dime a dozen here but I still have not mastered the right one!! I have a juicer and put the key limes through it but I guess it got out waayyy too much juice, my family named my pie "Pucker Up Key Lime Pie". Guess it was too sour for them! I will have to try this tip and recipe too. Thanks.

Life In Progress said...

What a great idea. I use lime juice for a lot of things, so this will come in handy. Thanks!

Nichole said...

That's brilliant! Thanks for sharing.