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Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Cleaning: Already at work!

Kevin came to me yesterday and said he wanted a treat so he was going to clean the fridge and floor. The top fridge shelf was pretty bad. Let me just say the jars were completely stuck on and I didn't have strength to get them pried off! And the floor under the fridge... you can only imagine. So already we've completed #1 and #2 off our Spring Cleaning To-Do List, and it feels awesome all freshly sparkling and organized! And here we are enjoying a Dunkin Donuts treat!


~Java Mama~ said...

Awesome Sarah! I really need to join the Spring Cleaning group of homekeepers! I have never really done it before. I can't imagine cleaning under my fridge, SCARY!!

JOYfully in Him,

Julie said...

No fair, Sarah! I have been craving Dunkin Donuts so bad and the closest one is an hour away! :o) Oh, that sounds so good right now!

Congrats on getting your fridge clean; I will have to tackle that this week, too! I have been putting it off but it is so grody, it has to be done SOON!

Have a blessed week!

crystal said...

You are so blessed to have such a helpful husband! And the treat looks yummy!


Angie said...

Okay....so I see what Kevin and Eli had...but what about you and Miss Hannah?