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Friday, April 25, 2008

In the groove

Hannah's 2 months old now and I'm happy to say that I finally have a grip on things and we've settled into a good routine! It helps that the weather finally turned warm last week! Ever since we've been getting outside every day, Eli's been in such a better mood, making it easier on all of us! He's been so pleasant and obeying most of the time. It's wonderful! Hannah started sleeping through the night last week too, so it's really awesome! Now our day looks something like this:

6:15 I get up--read Bible then check email (thanks, Amy, for that idea)
7:00 Eli wakes up, gets milk and Hannah wakes up soon after, feed Hannah and then she's back to sleep
7:30/8:00 breakfast
8:30 room time with Eli-- I play with Eli in his room and we read books or whatever, and we enjoy that quality time
9:15 Eli has blanket time and juice, I get some down time to get dressed/do chores/check email
9:55 Eli puts toys away
10:00 Eli watches Sesame Street, I feed Hannah
11:00 M-W-F we have stroller group, otherwise we run errands or just play at home, Hannah sleeps again
12:00 lunchtime
12:45 Eli naps
1:00 feed Hannah
1:30 Hannah naps again
3:00 Eli wakes up, then gets juice
4:00 feed Hannah
4:30 go outside to play or to trail for a walk, Hannah sleeps again
6:00 dinner time (this fluctuates a lot now that it's been nice out! sometimes we'll eat as early as 5 so we can go out afterwards, or as late as 7 if we wanted to go out earlier)
7:30 Eli's bedtime, feed Hannah
8:00 Hannah sleeps
9:30 feed Hannah and then put her to bed so she can... SLEEP! And yes, after all the sleeping during the day, she still sleeps from 10-7am!


AmyD said...

Yay for Hannah sleeping through the night! I *think* Sarah is sleeping through finally as well. Doesn't it make the days goes SO much better? I liked looking at your schedule (I love getting new ideas!). Our evening routine looks pretty similar to yours (I LOVE this weather!!).

Julie said...

This reminds me of when Lily was small(she will be 1 on May 1st!) A lot of one-on-one with the oldest while the baby naps! Good for you, I am so happy that she is sleeping so good and that Eli is adjusting so well! :o)


paul said...

You and your schedules... hehe, j/k

I'm glad you've worked out a routine that keeps your family happy and healthy!

~Java Mama~ said...

Oh isn't it just wonderful to finally feel some kind of noramility after all of the chaos, not the the chaos wasn't wonderful in itself :0) So glad to hear that things are going so well for you and your family. Hannah is BEAUTIFUL!!

Have an awesome day!

JOYfully in Him,

Holly said...

It looks as though thing are getting back to normal in a sense, that's great. I love routine too, so having a 'schedule' again I'm sure feels soooooo good. Have a wonderful weekend!

Cutes, Scoots and Colbmeister said...

Isn't it so nice when your day is predictable? It seems like I'm as much of a time scheduler as you are...

Yeah for sleepers! The Cman was just like Hannah - 7 weeks and sleeping through the night. If he's any display of what you have in store for you, be thankful! He's good for 12-14 hours a night. zzzzzzzzzzz - must be nice?! :)