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Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm back.

The kids and I just got home this afternoon from our week in Chicago followed by a weekend at my parents' house.

I am tired.
So tired.
So glad to be home.
To our normal bedrooms.
To our normal routines.
To our normal rules.
And no more long car rides.

Why is it that I always forget how extremely hard it is to be away from home with the kids? *sigh* Different sleeping arrangements, different table arrangements, new rules, no routine, etc.

Did I mention that Kevin's working nights 6pm-6am for a month and a half? Into November. Every night with one day off every 5 days. Welcome to outage at the power plant. That's why we took off for a week so that Kevin could just work and get the sleep he needs. It was sooo good to see daddy today! Man, I missed him! We had dinner tonight at 4:15 and now it's going to be a looong evening until it's finally bed time.

So farewell, friends. I'm done for today, but I'll be back tomorrow.


Kelly said...

Welcome Back!! I can't wait to hear about your trip!!

Madison said...

Cherish every moment.