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Saturday, January 5, 2008

I love these books!

A few weeks ago I was at Goodwill browsing books, and I am convinced they're one of the best places to get great steals (if you have time to dig through the shelves)! I walked out with several quality books for only $0.39, $0.49, or $0.99! The best find, however, was a book of this series: Little Blessings series by author Kathleen Long Bostrom. The book I got that day was Are Angels Real? It's a rhyming book starting with questions from a child's perspective and following with sound Biblical answers. And in the back of the book the author includes excerpts with the exact Bible references she uses for her story. Here are a couple excerpts just so you can see what I'm talking about...

I've heard there are angels.
Oh, can it be true?
Are angels for real?
And just what do they do?

Do I have an angel
that looks after me?
Can I talk to angels?
Can they hear and see?
Are angels for real?
There is no need to guess.

The Bible assures us
the answer is yes!
So, who made the angels?

Well, God did, that's who!

And God gives the angels
their own jobs to do....

And the illustrations (by Elena Kucharik) are very cute! After falling in love with this book, I went on Amazon and got two others from the series: Who Is Jesus? and What is God Like? And I love those just as much and am eager to find more!

So I hope you check 'em out! I highly recommend them!

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