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Friday, May 6, 2011

A jumble of emotions today.

I just dropped Eli off at Kindergarten roundup this morning!  I was so nervous thinking about where to go and whether to pack him lunch or send him with lunch money.  I couldn't find any small cooler lunch boxes here in town, so I sent him with his $2.30 for lunch.  I hope he's not the only one.  I hope they show him where to go.  I hope he doesn't have to know how to open a carton of milk by himself.  But I'm also sooo excited.  So excited to meet some of the kids (and the parents) who will be in his class next year.  His preschool this year didn't have any other kids from our tiny town, sometimes they do but not this year.  I'll go back at 11:30 for a short instructional meeting with the other parents, and I can't wait to see what will be his classroom and hear more from his teacher.  Based on the drop-off she seems wonderful!  And even though Eli was terribly nervous when I left, I know he will do great and make friends easily!

Also today Kevin told me that even though Outage will probably be done this weekend, they've moved him to nights until Wednesday.  *sigh*  I am sooo tired of this.  Beyond belief.  So tired of having folded laundry alll over the couch because there's someone sleeping in my room all day.  And by the afternoon I just don't have the freedom to spend half hour putting away clothes.  Kids are too busy constantly fighting.  And if I bring them upstairs with me then I have to fight with the baby gate for each batch of clothes.  Tired of attending things alone with the kids.  Tired of literally not having enough hands to do the things that need done.  Anyway, just tired of all this. 

But... if I can just hang on a little bit more, then Kevin will have 2 weeks off.  The schedule just works out that way since he had take vacation days in between two of his normal days off.

Today... IS Kevin's 1-day off, so we're going to spend time outside planting our plants in front of our house, and maybe heading to town for a couple additional ones.  

We have food to grill for tonight.  The sun is shining. My big boy is at Kindergarten right now. Friends are coming over to play in a little while. We get to have family time later this afternoon.  And fresh coffee is in the pot waiting for me.  But for now, right this minute... I'm tired.

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Servant Becca said...

If the kids fight downstairs when you go upstairs... Try sitting them in chairs or on blankets in different rooms until you get back down. Maybe allow a book or some toys to play with. If they still fight, make them stay in time out for reasonable period of time (5 min? 7 min? ???)

Your job difficult, for sure. But keep your chin up 'cause you are doing a great job in the midst!