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Friday, May 27, 2011

Photography: Claire, 6 months

Since it's my beautiful sister-in-law Holly's birthday today and I just took Claire's 6-month pics yesterday while helping build their picnic table, I thought I'd make it a priority to get through the pictures so she could see them today, before attempting to tackle the hundreds of beach pics!  Claire's a beauty with such a happy and content personality, and I can't believe she's almost 6 months already!!  Seems like just yesterday I was taking her newborn pics! We love you so much, Claire!!

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~Amanda said...

Oooh. Those eyes. And of course - that hair! Love it. Tate had spikey hair for several months, and I just loved it. My favorite thing was how I never seemed to remember that when I kissed him on the head that the hair was going to go right up my nose and tickle it, and it surprised me every. single. time. And you know how often a mommy kisses the head of her sweet baby!