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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Remember When... {May Day}

When I was little I, along with my neighborhood friends, celebrated May Day.  We'd make little cups filled with popcorn and little sweet treats, leave 'em on the doorstep, ring the doorbell and run away, letting it be a surprise to whoever opened the door.

Whatever happened to those days?  Did you celebrate when you were little? Still do that? Can we still do that today or do people just not trust anyone anymore?  Cuz how fun wouldn't it be to just leave a little sweet surprise on someone's doorstep with a note that says "You're a blessing. Have a great day!"or something along that lines!  What do you think??


the30thyear said...

Hey Sarah,
Derek and I definitely did that when we were kids. We lived on a suburban cul-de-sac with only 9 houses--everyone knew everyone. We even hand-made folded paper cups for the treats. It was the only time that "ding dong dash" was mother-approved.

Sadly, after almost four years in this apartment, I don't know a single person in my 75-unit building. If someone left something outside my door in this city (not known for safety), I might call the bomb squad.

While I cannot imagine pulling the May Day stunt these days, I would like to think that there are still towns where people know their neighbors and where kids could make someone's day that way!

Thanks for the happy, sentimental reminder!

the30thyear said...

Check out Libbie's blog:

You're not alone!

jaesi said...

are you kidding? DO IT!

set a trend...
we need more like that...

Mary said...

Never heard of it. And I'd never eat something if I didn't know where it came from! haha... but it sounds like a fun thing in theory!

alisha said...

I definitely remember those days! I had thought of doing it with the boys but with all that was going on, it didn't get to be more than a thought. BUT we did receive two surprises at our front door tonight - plastic cups decorated and filled with popcorn and sweet treats--the tradition is still (barely) alive here!!

In Light of the Truth... said...

Perhaps if we stuck to our own friends and neighbors and signed our note, it would be happily received. I would have LOVED to have done this if I'd realized before TODAY that it was May already! Maybe next year... This tradition should NOT die!!

Libbie said...

Thanks for stopping by & letting me know you posted about May Day...Yes we still do it & it is sooooo fun! :)

Your family is way too cute!