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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In

- 2 lbs this week!! 
Total -7 lbs!!
  I'm getting excited about all this!

And I'm coming to enjoy running.  It's exciting to physically see myself shaving minutes (or just seconds) off of my time or to increase distance, and to KNOW I'm improving vs just doing a workout video (I'm not very good at them.)  I'm signing up for my very first 5K here in our tiny town next month.  it's part of their Father's Day chicken BBQ weekend and 1) I'm excited to be involved in something for our town, 2) It'll be fun to participate in something with Kevin since he enjoys these sorts of things, and 3) It gives me another motivation to do all this!  It's pretty flat in our town so that makes me feel a LITTLE better about the fact that I've NEVER run outside ever!  LOL Although I DO hope to run outside at least once before race day.  Ooo, I don't like calling it that--makes me nervous. So I made the major mistake of looking up what time people typically run a 5K in for their first time.  And oh boy.  Many of them run it 10 minutes faster than I do, and I was panicking for much of this week.  Trying to boost my speed on the treadmill but just not being able to go ANY faster than 34 minutes.  But I've decided, based on responses from friends, that my time actually is pretty normal, and I'll run the race anyway, doing the best that I can!

Alright, got this posted and now later today, after Eli's last day of morning preschool, my family and I will be OFF for vacation!!  See y'alls next week!!


The Fischer Family said...

Finally making my way around blog land again! Thanks for your prayers...they've helped so much! I'm excited for you about your weight loss-that's awesome! And oh, how I'd like to become a runner...I just think I'm too lazy! lol-maybe one day!

~Amanda said...

So proud of you! Don't ever worry about the time you run your first 5K! Your goal was never to run it the same way as anyone else, right? Keep up the good work!