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Thursday, January 26, 2012

8 random things about this moment in time.

I know I said I was going to be off the blog this week but here I am. Just wanted to share a few things real quick...

1. Kevin has been cleaning and reorganizing our storage things in the basement. We discovered that some of my boxes of photos waiting to be scrapbooked got a little water damage. The pictures themselves are all fine thank goodness, but some of the other papers and ticket stubs and so forth might not be keepable. This is suddenly motivating me to get these trips scrapbooked before I lose it all. So today I'm going through my box of Europe things from my trip in 2004. I can't believe it's been 8 years, and I also can't believe how little I can remember. Even reading my notes hardly trigger any memories! It's sad! I'm not doing anything fancy with the scrapbook so I'm hoping it's a relatively short project. We were required to keep a journal throughout the month, so I'm currently typing it into a Word document so that each entry can be included in the scrapbook.

2. I got my hair cut again and colored yesterday. Here's my new "do". I love it.

3. I really need to make a new blog header with updated pictures! Coming... sometime...

4. I love Pinterest. This is one of the projects I want to try soon. Like tomorrow maybe. If you follow the link, the demo is done with a gray shirt, and I think that looks great for this time of year. But this white one would especially be nice in the summer, in my opinion.
5. Eli is now brought home by a school van in the afternoon, instead of riding the bus. The school was trying to shorten the route for some of the kids who were having to ride for quite awhile. Today the superintendent was the driver of the van, and I just think that's impressive. He's very PRESENT, and smiley, and on our level, not just the HEAD of the school. It's a good school, and all of this year I've been very pleased.

6. I've been having a pretty good week with the kids this week. Much more patient and less yelling and frustration, and they've been nicer with each other. Now I'm feeling really blah about the way I keep the home, so I'm rethinking how I can stay on top of things better. Really gonna focus on keeping to my schedule I created awhile ago.

7. Carter was actually standing on his leg a little bit today. Like actually bearing weight on it from what it looked like. And then I even got him to limp across the room with assistance. That's sort of walking, and definitely a tiny bit of progress!

8. Kara got to go home last night! AMAZING! I'm planning on going up to visit on Sunday afternoon. Hoping my kids aren't maniacs!

Alright, signing off now!! Have a great rest of the week!


Simple Life said...

Love your new hair cut! It looks great! :)

~Amanda said...

Question - Was there a tutorial for the white shirt pictured? I saw the grey one, and tried it, but the back of it went right across the middle of my back, not the bottom. The shirt was an XL, but I'm definitely not tall enough to make it in the middle of my back, so I wonder if this one would be any different. This white picture has ties at the top, and the other one just wrapped around. I'd love one for wearing with my swimming suit in the summer!

~Amanda said...

I started looking to see if I could find a different tutorial, and I found that white t-shirt one! http://wobisobi.blogspot.com/2011/05/no-sew-t-shirt-vest.html