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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy 7 years to my love!

7 years
3 moves
3 kids
1 big job change
Sold a house
Bought a house
Several house renovations later
...and here we are
still standing
still holding hands
still staying
still loving
still choosing each other.
Because that's what love is all about.

We haven't been without our ups and downs, fights and cries, and uncertainties. The first year was hard. I wasn't especially glowing. It was hard, because reality came into focus and expectations got thrown out the window and we just had to learn a way of respecting and loving each other. And that, my friends, never ends. Then pregnancies, nursing babies and fussy toddlers came, one after the next after the next. And parenting and learning how to discipline continued to increase. And now, here we are. Finally feeling a little bit like we can breathe again. The kids are getting a little bit more independent each day and we can enjoy them and each other as a family, marriage can and is becoming a priority again, and I'm so excited.

I'm so excited about the 7 years that have brought us to this point. I am thankful for the three BEAUTIFUL children God has given us. I am thankful for the man I have come to KNOW. Like REALLY know. And I'm excited for all that is to come!

Happy anniversary!!


Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary!! Beautiful post!

Simple Life said...

I love this post!
Happy Anniversary!