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Monday, January 16, 2012

Never take a day for granted.

Saturday night my 16-yr old cousin Kara was at a youth event at a church where she suddenly collapsed, her heart stopped, she turned blue, and she was without oxygen for 10 MINUTES. Just like that. It took three shocks for the paramedics to finally get her heart going again and they could transport her to the hospital where she remains heavily sedated for several days while her brain rests. When they finally wake her they'll do an MRI to assess the damage, but friends, this is just not good. We have NO IDEA what to even expect and all we can do is wait.

We're an hour away so I was able to drive up yesterday to visit. It's just unbelievable.

She's a spirited 16-year old girl who loves musicals and books and Facebooking with her friends, and now there she is lying in a hospital bed while machines rhythmically raise and lower her chest and soft monitor beeps fill the room.

At the end of July my aunt Linda (Kara's mom) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and she is currently smack-dab in the middle of chemo treatments. We've all been covering her in prayer week after week.

And out of the blue this happens with Kara.

6 years ago Kara herself had bone cancer and one of the chemotherapy medicines decreased her heart function. She's since been cured of the cancer and has continued to be checked routinely for heart function and except for a slight decline this year, she'd been plateaued. No one EVER expected this. A massive heart attack at the age of 16. 

This all so overwhelming for such a sweet, loving family.  They are believers though and even in the middle of these darkest times, they continue to give glory to God. They continue to trust and lean on Him.

But please pray for this family. Pray for Kara that God would heal whatever damage is in her brain and she would make an amazing recovery. Pray for Linda that she'd stay healthy even though she's being exposed to soo many friends and visitors during this time. Pray for Ward as he watches the two loves of his life suffer. 

Thank you.


Julie Rydlund said...

My prayers are with Kara and her family. God Bless.

Servant Becca said...

Beautiful writing to an ugly story. But then, I think of God's love uniting so many in prayer for Kara, for Linda and for Ward. Each of the Sierts has a different struggle, but a struggle that God is big enough to handle. Please, God have mercy on them...

The Fischer Family said...

Oh my gosh Sarah! That is so scary!! And must be so devastating to your family! Kara will be in my prayers that the Lords hands will be over her, and also with all of her family that they will feel His peace in this trying time. Love coming from KY!

Mary said...

Oh this is just so sad! You never know what may come do ya! Will definitely pray for her and your family. Thanks for the updates too.