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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

26 Eggs.

I love Easter egg hunts. The hide and seek of it all. This year the kids did three hunts. But I swear, I AM putting those plastic eggs AWAY before they get dumped out in the living room one more time! LOL

This egg hunt was something new I randomly came up with and threw together in about 5 minutes while the kids were still napping (or not napping, I had to keep telling Eli to go away while I finished their surprise). Instead of candy since the kids already had PLENTY of candies by that point, I picked a Bible verse, wrote it on paper, cut the words apart separately, put each word inside an Easter egg, then hid them outside. For this time I chose John 3:16 because I know the kids know it. 26 words. 26 eggs. I tried to pay close attention to where I hid them so we'd be sure to get each one, but in the end we were still missing two (that we did find later). Missing eggs means missing words so I just rewrote them quickly while the kids were still assembling the verse. Overall I REALLY liked this, and I think the kids (especially Eli since he's older) enjoyed it too. Another way to do it, for even older kids, would be to write different Bible references in each egg and then have the kids look them up and read them to the family.

Other Bible verses that would be good to use:
1 Pet. 2:24 

If you have any more verse suggestions, add 'em in the comments below! 

And there we have it, a new tradition!

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bp said...

Another great idea! Thanks for sharing.