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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The countdown is on!

1 month until SUMMER BREAK and I can hardly wait!! To have the kids home! To plan our days and do special things with them! Or to NOT plan our days and just sleep in and do whatever. To hang out with friends any day during the week and not just weekends (since many of our husband don't work Mon-Fri). Seriously can't wait...

Things I'm thinking up...

I kept eyeing those super fun pre-filled Easter baskets in the store. While we don't do Easter baskets at our house for EASTER, I am considering doing something like that as a gift to each of the kids on the first day of summer break. Fill it with sidewalk chalks, bubbles, a new book, etc. Definitely want to do something exciting that first day. Maybe even make it a treasure hunt for each of them to find their package?

I also want to do more with creative story-writing. Have the kids write sentences along with a picture-story. Or have them draw pictures to go along with a written story.

I want to continue with our Magic Tree House book series and study history!

I want to keep a reading list and when we get to 100 books, we can have an ice cream party.And if we get to 100 again, then we'll have another party!

I have an activity list we can try to complete throughout the summer.

There's a Fancy Nancy book we've read that goes through some various artists and their styles, we can spend a week trying out different art styles.

At least one day every week I want to do a planned outing/activity with our group of little friends.

This is sort of the rough schedule I want to follow each day...

7-9am Breakfast/ Free play/ Chores done
9-10am Reading and Activity Time
10am Outside or Park or Friends
12pm Lunch
1-4pm Naptime
4pm Water Play/Outside
6pm Dinner

It's pretty loose. But I want to make sure a) chores n such are done first thing (this includes mine) so we can play all the rest of the day, b) there's a structured activity for each day,  c) there is TONS of time outside, and d) there's routine so it doesn't just feel like free day every day all day.

37 days!!


Mary said...

Last year I had a little FIRST DAY OF SUMMER party with the neighbors. Cupcakes, watermelon and lemonade. But I super love your idea of new outdoor toys in baskets!
I def need to plan activities. Otherwise the days pass in a breeze!

Jules said...

I LOVE all of your ideas!!! Very inspiring!! :)

Angie said...

Sounds fun!

You guys get out EARLY for summer! Wow!!!until

I just can't wait until the pool opens. Our days are going to look like this. Wake up. Wait for the pool to open. Play at the pool as long as we can. Take a nap. Grill out. Play family games outside. Go to bed. Repeat:)

But today summer feels far off seeing as it's 50 degrees :)

bp said...

Wonderful plan! I always enjoy reading your ideas that you do with the kids. I know what you mean about being excited. Caleb had a four day weekend and it was just so fantastic! We had such a great day yesterday working and playing. I love those days and it made me excited for summer. I am thinking about activities for him as well and getting ideas. One night in our family lesson we read a verse about ants and I told him that would be a fun study to do this summer. I found an ant farm and gave it to him for a prize in his scavenger hunt Saturday (instead of an Easter basket). I found some good reading ideas too, I will email you the links. My Mom shared them with me and I thought it was a great resource.

~Amanda said...

Fun stuff!