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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Come to Jesus and LIVE

Oh I just love this song so very much. I heard it on the radio today and came home and ordered sheet music for it online so I can sing it in church with my singing partner Mary sometime. You know how you hear a song a thousand times and you think the lyrics are something different from what it is? Well I had that with this song, and seeing what it actually is, changes it dramatically. I thought every chorus was "come to Jesus and then..." But "come to Jesus and LIVE." Wow. That's different. Love it. Does my heart wonders. And the video to go with is beautiful. Take some time...


~Amanda said...

Love this song too. Are you going to play guitar or piano? Or sing and have someone else accompany? Let me know how it goes. I don't perform stuff, but like to sing and play at home by myself or with family. I need to get some new music sometime.

alisha said...

Thanks for sharing this video - love it. This song has a very dear part in my heart as it was played at one of my best friends from high school's mother's funeral. She was my prayer partner all through confirmation and like a dear, dear older friend and I miss her so deeply. Every time I hear this song tears come to my eyes and I remember just how wonderful she was...oh how I miss her, but even more, I'm so happy she is in heaven with Jesus.