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Friday, April 13, 2012

Clean-up sticks

We've tried responsibility charts.
We've tried a chore wheel (I never did blog this one).
We've done reward coins. (still do)
And now we do clean-up sticks....

Let me just say, the reward coins are still working really well, and even now Hannah is getting involved with it and taking initiative around the house, being responsible without me having to constantly remind. Eli has decided to take on emptying bathroom trashes and Hannah often offers to help with the dishwasher, along with cleaning up their dishes after meals, and getting themselves completely dressed in the morning and making beds.

But there was one area of the house that was always a battle to clean up.... The playroom. 

Enter clean-up sticks.

It wasn't enough for me to just dish out duties: Eli you do books, Hannah do play kitchen stuff, Carter pick up balls. Nope, not fun. SO, I found small clipart images (yes some of them still have the little watermark on them and I don't care one bit! LOL) for job people for each clean-up area:
librarian = books
grocer = food and dishes
banker = play money
car salesman = cars and trucks
athlete = balls
construction worker = Legos/Trio Blocks
artist = puzzles (I should make another stick for this one)
musician = music instruments
? = mystery stick a.k.a. whatever random job Mom tells you to do (for some reason when it's put like that, they get excited about it. Go figure??)

Come clean-up time, I select the sticks for the particular toys that are out that day, put the sticks face down in a plastic cup, and Eli and Hannah draw one, or two if it's really messy, jobs that they have to do.

Because it's their "job" they get paid according to how well they work. If they're late to their job (don't start right away) or work slowly and inefficiently or with a bad attitude they get deducted. The highest payment is $0.25 down to $0 if the job was not completed without my help.

So far this is working, and it adds a fun, practical element into clean-up time!


~Amanda said...

I love this! The boys clean up well, but aren't so great at putting things where they should go. I bet this would solve the problem of all the toys ending up in one box instead of the correct (mommy determined and organized) place. :-) Thanks for sharing!

The Fischer Family said...

These are a great idea!!! I'll have to look into this. Our playroom is always a battleground too!! Maybe because we have too many toys! ! Lol

Servant Becca said...

Your sticks are such a creative way to separate the task into smaller pieces. Don't hesitate to take digital pic of their progress as they clean up their "stick" item. Sometimes seeing a change helps motivate to the final goal. It's like your "before" and "after" pics with target areas in the house for the day.

bp said...

So fun! This is a great idea. Hope y'all have a great weekend.

Mindy said...

Wow, what a clever idea! You're such an amazing mom Sarah, even if there are days where it doesn't feel like it. Your children are very blessed to have you as their mother.

Mary said...

Ooo I love this idea! Thanks for sharing! (PS. Did you know word verification was on your comments?)

alisha said...

Loved this idea so created one for our house --added a few that went along with our toys--it worked great...I even caught Isaiah leading this game all by himself to make Levi and Caiden clean up :)

In Light of the Truth... said...

Yay! That's awesome, Alisha!! =)