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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Highlights from our trip

You can read more about our Oklahoma trip here, but this is a short list of highlights/more things I learned from our travels.

* Kids will still wake up at their exact normal times, despite having a room with no outside windows. I was hoping they might sleep later but nope! Both kids woke up every morning at their usual times right on the nose. Darn internal clocks!

* Don't EVER forget your entire bathroom bag of stuff! It's a real pain!

* Again, travel DVD players are sooo wonderful! With our 9-hr drive through the most boring states of Kansas and Oklahoma, we did two movies going and two movies coming back. There were definitely NO car games involving our surroundings (BINGO, trucks, numbers, etc), seeing as there were NO houses, farms, exits, or cars around us!

* Packing picnic lunches and a cooler of milks and drinks for the van works really well.

* Hannah is perhaps big enough to not require a pack-n-play everywhere we go! She did so great sleeping on the floor at our hotel room!

* You can get your 3-yr old to nap at noon. Just tire him out in the swimming pool (or bath tub).

* It's really not weird to just hang out in a hotel room bathroom reading a book or coloring while waiting for kids to fall asleep so I can sneak out.

* Letting the kids ride on quarter machine rides is a simple surprise fun!

* With Kevin working several weeks with outage at the power plant, we're settling into a whole routine that doesn't involve him, and I don't like that.

I'm tired and counting the days 'til this schedule is over, but we're plugging along. And this week I'm really trying to get the house back in order. It's hard getting things done when daddy's sleeping upstairs, but right now it's just out of control and driving us all crazy I think. So be watching for some tackles! Until then, I'll be busy at work!

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crystal said...

I know what you mean, when my hubby worked away from home during the week for a time, we got into a routine without him and the weekends were tough..I didnt like it at all. Its just for a little while though :) Glad yall had a good trip and that you made it there and back safely...