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Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Meanderings - July 30

Bible Study... I was doing SO WELL at the beginning of the summer. Getting up early each morning eager to do my Bible reading. And then, it just stopped. I've been sleeping in and other than reading verses for child training I haven't read really anything in awhile!

Memory Verse... Hebrews 12:14
"Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord."

Husband Encouragement...
♥ House cleaning
♥ Lunches for work. And prepare a breakfast for him when he wakes up in the afternoon.
♥ Schedule a date night/day for sometime soonish??

Train Them Up...
* Back to routines... post-dinner kitchen cleanup. I LOVE when we work together to get everything put away and wiped down, and the kids are great helpers!  I need to work to get Carter involved too, because he can easily carry hot pads to the kitchen or containers to the fridge.
* Also need to keep to our weekly cleaning schedule and let the kids help with their tasks.
* I've been more frequently skipping the big kids' naps lately so I can read chapter books with them in the afternoon. I'm more than realizing how little summer is left and how I'm going to miss this time together! But I'm looking forward to other things as well, it'll just take some transition.
* Now that he's a reader, Eli received his very own real Bible for his birthday this year. So I've been teaching him how to find the books of the Bible and the chapters and verses. He's getting the hang of it, and it's such a joy to see him participate and get excited about it.
* Intentional potty training with Carter. He does great when I remember to take him to the potty!

Personal Goals...
* My friend Nikki and I are really working on our weigh-loss goals together. I've been back to the treadmill again for the first time in FOREVER, and ran 4x last week!!  Along with keeping track of calorie intake. So far there hasn't been ANY weight change, but I think it's also a bad time in my month. So we'll keep plugging away!
New Habit of the Month...  {august}
* We recently started a new family Bible study/devotional. So we'll be doing this each morning or evening. For now we mostly read it in the morning but once school starts it'll probably be evening.

MUST Do... 
* car maintenance Friday?
* call my Moppet workers!!
* bills
* research cell phone plans

Zone(s)... Basement. Working on fixin up the treadmill room so the kids can potentially play down there while I run instead of me having to wait til naptime or put on a movie.

Menu - TBD
M - salad and sandwiches
T - 
W - 
Th - 
F -
S - 
Su - 

* this morning the kids and I had a mini Olympics party at a friends' house. We don't have cable TV to watch anything so my friend Kayleigh invited us over. So fun!
* Tomorrow the kids and I are hosting an ice cream party as their reward for completing their 100 books this summer!
* Wednesday we're going to Omaha to see the Lorax movie with my SIL and Claire. $2 movie!
* Dinner out with church friends Thursday evening.
* Possibly another girls night with other friends Saturday night!

3 things I'm thankful for today...
1. relaxing morning. Even though we still went out, it was a fun morning just chatting with friends.
2. encouraging friends and accountability partner. It helps so much to go through things TOGETHER.
3. family. we just had all the family here over the weekend for Eli's birthday party, and it's always such a blessing to be able to do that.  =)

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Randi S said...

I am jealous of the girls' night out that you're getting! What fun! :)

this is the only time I've really hated not having cable. :(