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Friday, July 27, 2012

{Photo Challenge} Day 16

Sorry, as you probably noticed, I got hung up on the photo challenge! A week of busy VBS plus lack of inspiration. Here I am though, moving forward...

Day 16: Long exposure
(Insert mini photo lesson) That means slow shutter speed. (numbers like 1/10 to 1/125. When that bottom number gets higher, the shutter gets faster. For humans try not to set that bottom number less than 125.) Creates drag when there is motion. When you have moving children, you don't WANT drag, you want them in focus. But instances when drag is desired would be waterfalls, city traffic lights, writing with a glow stick or sparkler, and other creative purposes I can't really think of right now. =)  

Having no access to any of those things mentioned above, I chose the motion of a pinwheel. 

 Exciting stuff, let me tell ya!

Coming next:
Day 17: Technology

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