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Friday, July 13, 2012

{Photo Challenge} Day 13

Wow, I actually and very unintentionally got lined up with the dates of the month!  Not sure if that will continue but here we are on this Friday the 13th...

Day 13: Yourself with 13 things

I didn't exactly want to surround myself with 13 THINGS for just one picture, so I'm taking 13 separate pictures of things/people I love. In no specific order, some taken with the ol' cell phone...

1. Java chip drink. Love these, whether from Panera Bread, Starbucks, or MckD's. So yummy, although this caused some serious BRAIN FREEZE. I actually thought I was gonna have to pull the car over when I was driving.

2. My love. The one who walks beside me through the thick and thin, the highs and the lows, the beautiful and the ugly. Simply because he loves me. And that's what love is.

3. My oldest. The one who turned me into a mother. The one who leads the younger ones, who watches over them as their protector. The one who delights me with all of our "firsts" and surprises me with his knowledge and skill.

4. My only daughter. The one who shares a love for things pretty and delicate, who cares lovingly for those around her, and just is so very very sweet.

5. My baby. The one I might hold a little longer, squeeze a littler tighter, and rock a little longer. Because he represents the childhood, the lasts I want to savor and remember forever.

6. My BFF here. Nikki. She's quite incredible, and I'm so thankful our paths finally crossed. She is my morning text, afternoon playdate, Friday night fun. She is my accountability partner and my advice. She is my silly laughs, my listening ear, and so much more. So thankful.

7. My guitar. I love making music. It is therapy to my soul.

8. My camera.  Freezing a moment of time, a memory to be held on to forever, is a passion of mine.  Sometimes annoying to others but sacred to me.

9. Strawberries.  Juicy and delicious fruit is wonderful, a raw treat of the earth.

 10. The scale. Where my current battle lies.

11. The last book I just read recently. Very good. I recommend.

12. The swing. I really just like to act like a kid sometimes.

13. Nature. More therapy to my soul.

So there are my 13 things for today!

Coming next:
Day 14:Eyes


Randi S said...

sweetheart, today I got to thinking about this line on Insanity that annoys me so much. Shaun T, the instructor, says something about sometime he wonders why he does what he does. And he says "because I want to look good." It got me to thinking why I work out, truly. I want to look good. No doubt you want to look good, too (without being vain, as is my own sin). But should we be pushed by our own vanity - or the scale (which feeds our vanity) or with our health?? Even if our bodies never look bikini bodacious again, are they beautiful, really? Probably.

Sorry if that didn't come out as caring as I'd like it to be, but I just think you are beautiful and shouldn't be struggling with weight because I can't imagine that you have weight to lose.

Anonymous said...

So cute Sarah! So glad to see all of those things that make you so happy! You look great!