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Saturday, July 14, 2012

{Photo challenge} Day 14

Day 14: Eyes

These are the eyes
of the boy
 that I fell in love with
the second he was born
These are the eyes
that smile at me
 that plead for attention
 that drip tears when he's sad
 that twinkle when he's happy or teasing.
 These are the eyes
that I gaze into 
and wonder how he's grown so,
how he's changed so,
what he will become.
 These are the eyes
that I watch fade into sweet slumber.
These are the eyes
that show love and life
in so many ways
every day.

Coming next:
Day 15: Silhouette

1 comment:

Stephy said...

You know what...i likes all the photo of yours! Is really warm and touching! Keep Going!I wish to see more about your pictures!