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Monday, November 12, 2007

#100 Completed: Fridge Magnets

One project I just crossed off my 101 Goals list was to make fridge magnets out of magazine pictures. I cut out some images of common things Eli sees every day, pasted them on white cardstock (so the back of the picture would be white instead of the other side of the magazine page), laminated them with self-laminating paper from Walmart, and stuck a magnet on the back. They turned out really nice and they serve two purposes: 1) they keep Eli entertained when I'm busy working in the kitchen since he likes to be near me at all times, and 2) it gives us good opportunity to practice words, since he still is not talking! So check out my work...


Robin said...

Very cool. Nice job.

Jennifer said...

Love these! What a cute idea!! I need to adapt these for my crew.