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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Prayers

At one of our discount stores I found this mini-box of cards called "52 Ways to Say Grace" for only $1 so I picked it up and opened it already, but I'll probably put it in my own stocking for Christmas. haha Anyway, it's filled with prayers of different cultures, and here are some of my favorites that I thought I'd share with you today, in case you want to use them at all tomorrow...

To God who gives our daily bread
a thankful song we raise,
and pray that He who sends us food
may fill our hearts with praise.
--Thomas Tallis, 1505-1585
Be present at our table, Lord
Be here and everywhere adored
Thy creatures bless and grant that we
May feast in paradise with Thee.
--John Cennick, 1718-1755
Now thank we all our God
With heart and hands and voices,
Who wonderous things hath done,
In whom this world rejoices;
Who, from our mother's arms,
Hath blessed us on our way
With countless gifts of love,
And still is ours today.
--Martin Rinkart
We thank thee, Lord, for
happy hearts,
For rain and sunny weather;
We thank thee, Lord, for
this our food,
And that we are together.
--Traditional Mennonite Blessing
Bless these Thy gifts,
most gracious God,
From whom all goodness rings;
Make clean our hearts and
feed our souls
With good and joyful things.
--Traditional Christian Grace
Lord Jesus, be our holy guest,
Our morning Joy, our evening rest,
And with our daily bread impart
Your love and peace to every heart.
--Traditional Christian Grace
Thank you, kind Father, for
giving us food to make our
bodies grow stronger. Dear God,
teach us to share with others
what we ourselves have. Amen.
--Chinese Child's Prayer
When I'm worried and I can't sleep,
I count my blessings instead of sheep.
And I fall asleep counting
my blessings.
When my bankroll is getting small,
I think of when I had none at all.
And I fall asleep counting
my blessings.
--Irving Berlin, 1888-1989

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