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Monday, November 19, 2007

Extra Income

A few months ago I discovered a way to make a little extra cash from home....

Treasure Trooper
Cash Crate

They're both survey sites where you can do daily surveys and free offers and get paid for it.

Daily Surveys
You get $0.75-$0.80 for each daily survey about all kinds of topics from car insurance companies to cat litter to chip flavors. It's the most reliable way to make money because it's guaranteed, but you can only do one survey a day at Treasure Trooper ($0.75) and two surveys a day at Cash Crate ($0.80 each). And occasionally there are days where I just don't qualify for any surveys, regardless of how many time I try throughout the day. But just doing three surveys a day for 30 days would give you at most $70.50! How easy! It takes a little while to just get into a survey and then about 20 (sometimes 30) minutes to complete the survey. I give myself about 30-45 minutes some mornings, and then again in the evening while we're watching something on TV. It's mindless work and easy cash.

There are also offers you can do. Mostly free offers, and that's mostly just clicking "No, thanks" to signing up for things and those pay about $0.50 each. But they don't always approve. Or you can do free trials for things like Netflix and Blockbuster for a month and get paid like $10. You just have to remember to cancel the service before the trial period ends.

You do make money off referrals. In Treasure Trooper you can win pearls when you complete offers. And once you get 8 pearls, you can trade them in for 2 referrals (the next two people who sign up for Treasure Trooper, so they don't even have to be people you know). Right now I have 5 first level referrals (I make 20%) and 8 second level referrals (I make 5%), and last month I made $12.74 just off of them! Now THAT'S an easy $12! Treasure Trooper also has VIP status for people who make $500 (lifetime earnings, not in just one month) and one of the great benefits is that every month you get 20 free pearls! So every month I could trade them in for 4 new referrals and still have some pearls to carry over until the next month! So that's my goal with Treasure Trooper, to make VIP status so I can start making a lot more money just off of referrals. Cash Crate has referrals too (earn 25% first level and 10% second level), but they don't have the pearl game, so you actually have to refer people you know, and that's harder.

I've been doing Treasure Trooper for a few months and have made $192 so far and I just started Cash Crate last month and am waiting for my first check to come for $21. If I actually remembered to do the surveys regularly I could make even more. It's not a ton of money, not enough to count as a full-time job (or even part-time probably), but it's definitely a GREAT way to get some extra cash to go out or put in a jar for something special or for REAL savings too, of course! haha

1. Set up a bunch (5-6) of "fake" email addresses so all the junk mail goes into those and you don't have to worry about it. They are real addresses you set up at Hotmail or Gmail, just not email that you actually use for anything other than for doing offers.
2. If you do a trial offer though where you enter your credit card info (like Netflix or something), then DO use your normal email address, so you have all your information easily accessible and you don't forget to cancel the service!
3. After doing each free offer, clear the cookies on your computer. That's supposed to help the offers approve.
4. Don't do too many offers in one day. (maybe just 5 or so)
5. Click "No, thanks" to everything. And "Skip" all the pages you can.
6. For doing free trials on products or services where you enter credit card info we got a Green Dot Mastercard, put $20 or so on it, and just use that for trials to protect putting our actual credit card out there.

I don't do that many offers because I don't have much luck getting them to approve, for the time it takes to get through them. Cash Crate is a little better though.

There is also another survey company called Send Earnings, but I just started with them and have barely made anything yet. So I don't have much to say about them.

Anyway, I'd encourage you to check it out! And if you do, use the links from this post, and you'll be counted as one of my referrals! And if you have any questions, just leave a comment, and I'll get back to you! Hope this helps!


Michelle said...

Thanks a lot. Any little extra money is helpful...I will forsure check it out..Michelle

Paul said...

Here's a survey for daddy

BP said...

Are you still doing these and making money? That's neat! I have some survey sites I'm on, they're mostly for prizes.