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Thursday, November 15, 2007

For the love of chocolate.

Seriously, just look at these. LOOK at these!!! Amazing huh? Follow the links for recipes and let me know if you make one and I will SO be over at your house!

Cappuccino Truffle Brownies


BellaMama said...

I'll bring the coffee and milk!!

Good to see ya back, and getting so much done!! Everything marked off a list is one less thing to do!!

Blessings! Mrs.C.

Michelle said...

Hi, I am Amy's D's cousin and love reading your blog. You are very inspirational. It is wonderful to find women devoted to the Lord. I was looking down further on your blog and seen what you have down for extra cash. Do you do both of them? Is it really worth it. I have had the joy of being a stay at homer for a year now and am finding it diffucult to make ends meet. I have had to apply for a job and am having a hard time with the fact that I might have to leave my son. I do feel that God has given us as wives and mother's a very important job, and really don't want to go to work again as I feel it takes away from the total focus I can give my family. If you could give me some info I would be very greatful. I also used your Potato soup recipe. It was so good my husband and son loved it. Thanks Michelle

Sharon said...

MMM. Mouth-drooling delicious!