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Friday, August 1, 2008

Total Money Makeover Update

Alright, we just finished month 2 of the cash budget, so I thought I'd post a quick update about how it went.... Well, it didn't. We really didn't stick to it very well at all. The beginning of the month Kevin was on 12-hour work days so the bank was closed by the time he got home, and I just can't really get there with two kids in tow, so we couldn't get our proper bills out to divvy up into our handy dandy expandable folder. We did the best we could with just $20s from the ATM. But second half of the month just didn't happen at all and we just used our credit card (that functions the same as a debit card really). BUT I did find 2 new ways I'm trying to save money:

1. Plan lunches. You might have noticed that from my recent menus. I was beginning to realize that it was quite often that we truly didn't really have anything in the house for lunch and so we'd just get something like Subway or Taco Bell. Kevin doesn't like leftovers or sandwiches, so it makes it tricky, but I do the best I can. And I HAVE found that he does like BLTs and could eat those almost every single day, so I've been good about buying tomatoes for him (even though I don't like tomatoes and bacon is already a staple at our house). So that's been helpful. I can predict when we will have leftovers and can come up with other lunch options to ensure that we'll have something so we don't have to eat out so much.

2. The other thing is to buy treats! What?! Sounds like the opposite of money saving, but for us, we might be on to something. You see, we have a VERY strong sweet tooth and little will power to fight against cravings. So if we just have a small thing or two around the house that I wouldn't normally buy, like ice cream or mints, it helps curb the desire to go out for a $10 dessert that only lasts 5 minutes.

So that's what I learned from this past month!


Sharon said...

Buy sweets? You got it!! :)

I learned that the hard way, too. I even found some sweets that were healthier, though, so there was limited guilt. (like Kashi cookies)

We've been off the budget for almost the whole summer, sadly. We are getting back, though. I ever do well during the summer. I think the teacher-in-me still thrives on the academic calendar, and I never focus enough during summertime.

I hope the next month goes better for you. At least you ARE paying more attention to where your money is going. :)

paul said...

Even though the cash account thing didn't work out like you expected, it sounds like you have made some progress toward making and keeping a budget. Does your bank have a drive-through that you could use to do withdrawals such that you could ask for appropriate change? You might be able to make change at the drive through even of another bank. Just an idea....

Kelly said...

Hey Girl... yes I have pictures. I will post some tomorrow. You will LOVE them for little Hannah.