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Thursday, December 3, 2009

I don't get it.

Why does my 3-yr-old frequently throw fits about not being able to do something he does every day??! Today it was a whole stink about how he couldn't get his underwear on, even though it's something he's been doing by himself for several weeks now! He does this sort of thing quite often and it irritates me up the wazoo because I don't know why it has to be an issue at all!! I usually just let him continue in his fit, refusing to help, telling him I know he can do it and somewhere along the line he gets it himself and we can finally carry on with the rest of our day. But seriously, this is ridiculous. Anyone know more about toddler behavior and can fill me in on something???

And while we're at it, I'm trying to help Eli learn how to dress himself (he can do underwear and pants, but we're still working on shirt and shoes) but WHY is it so impossibly hard to get him to even TRY to do it on his own! He gives one little tug on his sleeve and then pleads that he can't do it and wants help. JUST TRY!!

Okay, I'm done now. But seriously, if you have any suggestions, I would really love it! Happy Thursday, everyone!


Sharon said...

I wish i had some great tips for you, but I can mostly empathize. I was really caught off guard when 3 hit my oldest. 3 was MUCH more "terrible 2ish" than 2. Thanks God for this moms' boards I am on, because I learned there that the "terrible 2's" hits girls at 2 (usually), but boys around 3.
I can say w/ Aidan it lasted a few months, but by 3.5 it was MUCH better.

If your schedule allows it, I'd say try and get more one-on-one time in w/ Eli and his Daddy. That made a nice difference for Aidan.

How is it going w/ the responsibility chart? Does he respond well to it? If he does, what about adding TRYING to dress yourself on that?

Mary said...

I read recently that sometimes kids have bad days just like parents. Maybe try from that approach instead. We know that we need to read our bibles, yet we put it off. We know we have dishes to do.. we do it every day yet some days they seem so overwhelming. I thought this perspective was enlightening. Kids will NEVER behave the perfect way all the time. We as adults don't but we expect that of our kids. I say try a new perspective so you don't get so frustrated. (I struggle the same as you but just offering advice since you ask! LOL! Parenting is T.O.U.G.H.!!!)

BellaMama said...

We've come to the point of not allowing "I can't" in the vocabulary. We tell them another way to say it or have them ask us and our reply is to try while they wait for us. Encouragement is a HUGE deal for the little ones and I often forget. That alone can make situations easy, calm and a learning time! Keep doing it, as they grow older it will continue unless you are always showing how they can do it. Know that they'll grow up saying, "My mom said I could do anything and always encouraged me to do my best!" Training is an everyday thing with every child. If you also have a good attitude and not let it get to you, then it will also help!
Enjoy the holidays whatever you are able to do!!

Anonymous said...

Why not just gently help him and when he's ready to try encourage him. Seriously, pick your battles!