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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snowed in.

We're totally snowed in this week. At least the kids and I are. Thankfully Kevin has a 4x4 truck and can still get out for work. We still don't have any snow removal device for our lane because no matter what we decide to go with, it's probably going to cost at least $2000! And since Kevin leaves for work at 5am, having someone else come dig him out before then really isn't an option. So the lane is drifting over and more snow keeps coming down and tomorrow's weather is supposed to be equally bad with heavy winds. Yikes! We haven't gotten to the store yet this week so we're really scrounging for food, but it's amazing what you can come up with when you really have to! The closest thing we have ingredients for is this yummy and easy alfredo sauce, so that'll probably be dinner tonight with chicken and broccoli from the freezer. I'm really hoping Kevin can at least bring home some milk and bread when and if he gets home tonight!

Today was a little bit warmer than yesterday (22 degrees instead of 10!) so I was actually wanting to take the kids outside to play in the snow today. But I couldn't get my belly to fit inside Kevin's snow suit and I don't have any snow gear to wear otherwise. I had to go out to the van to get diapers, and even that walk had me going through snow nearly up to my knees! So playing and building a snowman and getting my regular jeans completely snowy wasn't really my idea of a good time. So we stayed in and read some books instead.

So it's a quiet week at our house and we're bumming like nobody's business. And feeling thankful for a warm house to stay in and the fact that we do have food in the cupboards.


The Cutes and Scoots Show said...

Wow that is a lot of snow. Take some pictures, I'm sure they would be beautiful with your barn in the background!

Maybe you could bring some snow IN to the house to play with. Put it in a bucket or in the bathtub. Food coloring and a spray bottle are always great fun with snow! :)

Have fun with it and yes it is a great thing you have a 'stash' in the pantry and fridge. How about breakfast for dinner or pot pie or meatloaf or some other make you feel warm and cozy type meals?

Hope it warms up so you can at least shovel a path for the muchkins and they don't get lost.

Oh and perhaps an idea for the snow pants to fit. Try looping a rubber band over the button so they will give. at least then you can keep your legs warm and just wear a big sweatshirt for the top. An idea... that is, if the pants have a button. :)

Hey, you could use this as a lesson about Mary and Joseph and how they were snowed in the stable when Jesus was born :) A teaching moment arrises everywhere.

Stay Warm!

The Fischer Family said...

Bless your heart! We're getting the storm that just left you today, but without the snow! All we're going to get is rain, really high winds (up to 60 miles per hour!) and some blowing snow that probably won't accumulate to much. We're already seeing poweroutages around the tri-state so I'm praying that we keep our power or we'll have to find somewhere else to go (it's only going to be 20 degrees this afternoon!!!!) Wow! This turned out longer than I was planning :) I hope you all are able to dig out soon! Maybe go let em run wild at McDonald's!!!! Stay cozy and have fun!

The Cutes and Scoots Show said...

I hope you knew I was joking when I said they were snowed in at the stable! It was a silly twist on making a story kid friendly since they are stuck in the house with no where to go. haha I realized after I wrote it that perhaps I sounded totally clueless! :)