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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our morning routine.

I started this schedule a week ago, and when we follow this, our day goes really well! This is mostly just up 'til lunchtime. I've been trying to be better about following it when daddy is home too, especially when he's working on projects. There aren't times on it, just a precise ORDER of events. I tried to alternate between together time and apart time, quiet times and hands-on times. But it covers all the basics: all beds made, dishes (trying to get a handle on these), Bible time, independent play, and my chores. Take a look....

First load of laundry in


Dressed, Responsibility Chart, and Chores (cups in fridge, clothes down laundry shoot, everyone makes beds in which Eli helps Hannah)

Dishes. Put clean dishes away, Eli and I wash breakfast dishes

Bible Time (we all get our Bibles and read for 15 minutes or so. then I ask Eli to share what story he "read" about or I share what I read about.

Room time for kids/zone cleaning for me. about 45 minutes of this. Have learned this is not enough time to work out and shower. REALLY trying to get so I'm dressed before the kids are up so that I can just use this time for chores.

Planned activity for kids. could be a project, could be a trip to the park or library, play date, or errands, etc


Free play.


Somewhere in there Carter naps, but I'm not going to try to plan around that. We'll just continue with things and he'll join us when he's up. Alrighty, so now I'm off to start our day!


S Club Mama said...

that's a great routine, Sarah. I need to be more productive in our time sometimes.

Gift Expressions said...


You sound very organized! I think you feel better and can be so much more productive when you're organized.

Kristen Lisemby Lee said...

I love it! I'm making a note for when I have kids. :) Blessings!