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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thinking about...

...doing the "Stripped-Down Challenge" with our family sometime this summer. For our technology-loving family, this would be soo good for us. What do you think??

...how much I want to sew my skirt but really don't know how to sew very well, so I'm having troubles getting started.

...how full my heart has been lately. Carter has been napping a little better during the day and getting more playful and easier to entertain while I get things done. The older two have been so well behaved lately. I've had a good attitude with them and haven't been yelling. The house is clean. And life feels great!

...making a free photobook with Shutterfly in the next two days (promo code FREEM10) but not sure what to include in it or if I have time. Better decide quickly!

...how much I HATE bugs in the KITCHEN! They're disgusting everywhere, but especially in the kitchen, ya know, where I cook and we EAT! Ick!

...how thankful I am that Kevin put bug spray around the house so it's been sooo much better!

...how EXCITED I am about the progress on the dining room and how much we'll get done over Kevin's 6-day next week!!

What are your ideas you've been thinking about lately??

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According to Kris... said...

I just checked out the "stripped down challenge". I really want to do this one!! I think summer will be the perfect time for it!