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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prayers for the little guy. And a worried momma.

So Carter just started rolling from back to tummy the last few days and now that's ALL he wants to do even though he gets mad when he gets there because he doesn't know yet how to roll back off of it. When I put him down for nap he rolls to his belly, and unless I were to sit next to his bed and be a Nazi about it and keep flipping him back over and making him mad, then he ends up falling asleep on his belly. Not a big deal. BUT he likes to sleep on his face. ON his face!! Nose down into the bed (pack n play still)! It's really got me nervous, I feel like I have to keep checking him all throughout his sleep time, but if I try to turn his head a little he wakes up. Arg. With fans going and his sound machine going I can't use a baby monitor to listen for his breathing. All I hear is the fan or crying.

I tried our old sleep positioner but he totally rolls out of that. I tried him in his sleep sack last night, but that didn't make a difference. He's already asleep when I put him down at night and when I feed him in the night so last night wasn't such a big deal because he does mostly stay on his back then, but throughout all his naps during the day I feel like I really have to keep close watch.
Well, I looked it up online tonight and found a mom seeking advice on a forum about the same deal--baby likes to sleep with face completely in the crib mattress! Baby's same age as Carter. And many of the replies on the forum were from other moms who could relate. In the end, they were all told that Baby can breathe and by this age Baby will move his head if he can't. It's really nice to know others have been through this same thing, but I'm still worried. I don't like this at all. It's awful worrying for your baby's LIFE. I'm hoping it's a short phase and he'll learn/grow to prefer putting his face all the way to the side.

So anyway, pray for Carter's safety. And pray for this worried momma that God would give me peace about it. Thanks, friends!


Jules said...

ALL 3 of my babies did this exact same thing and I finally just let it go!! It was driving me insane constantly checking on them and it was playing havoc on their nap schedule which was, in turn, wrecking havoc on their night time sleep! It will be okay and I will be praying for both of you. It's hard for a while but eventually you get used to it. I would say that you stop worrying but you don't. You just become a little less worried. :) Anyway, I am praying!!

jaesi said...

you my friend, are giving yourself heartburn. dont worry. He will be fine.

The Chase Family said...

I can relate to that worry! I hope you'll find some comfort with this soon! Xander STILL sleeps w/ his head buried between his hands and the crib mattress when he naps or sleeps. Luckily, our monitor easily picks up his breathing!

The Fischer Family said...

Oh bless your heart! It is scary when babies do stuff like this isn't it!?!? But I'm sure he'll be OK, and I agree...now that he's that old if he has trouble breathing he will turn his head! I will pray for peace for you and that he will grow out of this phase..and soon! :)

Sabrina said...

If you have the money to invest in an Angle Care monitor that might give you some peace of mind. Last time I looked they ran around $100 new. They're the kind that has a board under the mattress where the baby is sleeping and it can feel them breathing. If they stop breathing the alarm on the monitor goes off.
It's worth looking into at the very least. :)